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Blvck Paris is a French Men and Women’s fashion and lifestyle brand which offers only all Black and white clothing and accessories. Founded in 2017 by French designer Julian O’Hayon, it is until this day, supported by millions of followers. Furthermore, these social media followers and customer’s aim is to live in a very minimalistic way. The All Black Lifestyle is a cultural shift from vanity to a life of quality and simple life. The generic styles of traditional fashion have become obsolete, it’s time to Blvckout your life. Affiliate programs nd big companies are also diving into the Blvck way. For instance, Blvck released a limited edition, and black colored Coup Rose Champagne. To know more about these, check it out here but let us now look at 4 cool, minimalist pieces, the Blvckout way.


The first cool Blvck piece we feature here is the Blvck crop signature sweater as seen above. It is made of 100% Terry cotton, making it ultra soft and comfortable, you can wear it anytime of the day. It features  a signature logo in embroidery on the chest that gives a defining look to your outfit. That is why when you wear it, you not only live the minimalist, Blvck way but carry the name of a powerful community. I can imagine wearing this piece during the day paired with shorts and flipflops. Doing errands with that has never looked so simple yet cool and flirty. It can even be worn at night paired with your jammies just to comfortably lounge around at home.


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The second Blvck clothing we have here is this Blvck High waisted wide pants in dark gray. It is made of wool and 12% cashmere so the material is very fine as well as soft. It features a stretch high waist band and a small logo of Blvck on the upper left part of the pants. Furthermore, these pants are so versatile that you can either wear it during the day or night. I can imagine wearing this paired with a white crop top, and white sneakers to attend your boyfriend’s game. Pairing this with white long sleeves and black stilettos make for a more corporate and formal event. However you wanna wear this minimalistic pants, you cannot make a mistake adding them to your collection.


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The third Blvck clothing piece we present to you is the Blvck cropped pattern hoodie. Made of 100% Terry cotton, this sweater will make you feel ultra light and soft, good for every day wear. Furthermore, it features the Blvck logo on the bottom of the hoodie and on the laces as well as at the top part of the hood. With a cropped design, it’s perfect for a casual, laidback look. I can imagine wearing this for the gym paired with your tight black leggings. Not only is it good for sportswear it’s also a nice loungewear if you just want to sit back sip some of that wine while binging on the latest shows on Netflix.


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The forth and final clothing piece is this Blvck waistband jogging. It is made of 100% luxurious Terry cotton which ensures the wearer’s comfortability with its amazingly soft texture. It features a black strip on the waist printed with the Blvck logo. Ultra warm and perfect for a casual, laidback day, these jogging pants are a must have. I can imagine wearing this piece to the gym. Another way to wear it is with flip flops and a white spaghetti strap tank while doing errands. It is also a stylish jogging pants you can even wear with high heels and a long flowy boho top for a more chic and semi-formal occasion. It is as comfortable as it is stylish and versatile.

There you have it! 4 Blvck Paris pieces that are basic yet stylish and a must buy for anyone looking for quality and comfort. Remember, it is not just a brand, it is a lifestyle as well! If you want to check more sporty styles similar to this article, click here.

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