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Today’s YouTube tutorials are abundant when it comes to beauty.  And with all the many tutorials available, just made getting beautiful that much easier.

Developed by powerhouse SK Planet of South Korea, with offices in Seoul and San Francisco, CA, is a mobile application dedicated solely to everything beauty.  It interfaces with YouTube beauty tutorials and connects viewers, content creators and merchants by providing a platform where viewers are able to see what exact products or tools are being used in the video.

As each video is viewed, the corresponding product or tool for each step is highlighted so that the viewer knows precisely what each item is, while the video is being played. The viewer can also see reviews from beauty bloggers about the products or tools, add an item to a wish list, expand further on a topic through related tutorial suggestions and can directly purchase an item they see in the video, right then and there.

“While thinking about E-commerce & social media, it occurred to me that the combination of tablets and YouTube videos had great potential but was yet untapped,” explains Sanghyuk Cho, Director of Global Products at SK Planet. “In taking a closer look, we discovered that a gap existed between inspiration and buying the right products, hence we developed as an attempt to introduce an organic & hassle-free mobile shopping experience.”

For viewers, this free mobile application takes away the headache of trying to figure out where to purchase a product they see and instead makes it available right at their fingertips.

For creators of the tutorials, catapults their monetization opportunities with direct links for purchase integrated into their YouTube videos. The quality of the content is reinforced through an invite-only membership that’s open for all creators to apply. Once membership is established, content creators can also create categories and tags for their channels, for increased visibility and exposure.

Rounding out the beta-testing stage, analyzes all YouTube videos in the “How To & Style” category and filters out relevant quality beauty tutorials daily, through quantitative metrics and keyword filtering mechanisms. Through this simple yet advanced technology, effortlessly connects viewers, merchants and content creators and making it a huge win for all.

Already featured in the past month as a top Beauty App from Apple, is available for download in the App Store for tablets, with plans to launch for Smartphones for both iOS and Android by the end of October.


Developed by SK Planet of South Korea, is a beauty app that interfaces with beauty and makeup tutorials on YouTube and connects content creators, viewers and merchants by providing direct access to the products and tools used in the videos. This free mobile application allows viewers to watch, learn and purchase directly from the tutorials for an enhanced user experience.

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