Best Winter Road Trips in America

Best Winter Road Trips in America
Best Winter Road Trips in America

Driving in winter, depending on where you are in the world, can be a daunting experience. It can go from a necessity to a white knuckle experience in just a few hours when a snowstorm hits. But if you are thinking of a last minute winter getaway in the lead up to the new year, one of the best ways to travel may just be driving by car.

To make the journey much smoother, hopefully you’ll have a vehicle where you can take advantage of the heated leather seats, wiper de-icers, and snow tires, and all-terrain drive. If not, a trip to somewhere like European auto repair could be a good idea to get you set for the journey. But once your car is ready for the journey, then why not visit one of these amazing and luxurious winter destinations? Have you been to any before?

Oregon: Christmas Tree Capital

The route through Oregon that takes you from Portland to Mount Hood, and then onto Oregon City and back to Portland, can take you around 4 days, depending on the stops you want to take. But driving through the self-proclaimed ‘Christmas tree capital’ it sure is a beautiful place for a road trip. Stop offs could include sledding, and shopping, before stopping off for hot cocoa in a cozy winter lodge.

New Mexico and Colorado

A drive from Santa Fe to the Wolf Creek Ski area of Colorado can take you around three or four days. But it is a great way to get a mix of weather with the slightly warmer New Mexico temperatures compared to the winter temperatures of Colorado. You could hit the early ski season in Wolf Creek, if you didn’t want to head higher up to the Aspen and Breckenridge area.

Best Winter Road Trips in America

New York City and Pennsylvania

If you’re city based, or will be for the holidays, then a drive from Manhattan to Bradford, Pennsylvania, can be a way to fill a week’s worth of time. Shopping and ice skating in the city, followed by a drive through the Norman Rockwell countryside can be a great way to bring in the new year. Ski resorts are along the way, as well as plenty of places for sledding and ice skating. You could even try your hand at ice fishing if that takes your fancy too.

Nevada and Utah

The classic route from points in Utah like Salt Lake City to get through Las Vegas is a popular one. Some people may ask what is the best time to visit Las Vegas? Many have said that ushering in the new year in Vegas can be quite splendid.  So if you wanted to see the new year in style and luxury in Las Vegas, then this could be the tour for you. Taking around a week, you can take the route from Southern Utah, starting new Zion National Park, where you can enjoy hiking before you wind your way down south to Las Vegas. Bryce Canyon is on the route that is worth a stop, as well as then reaching the warmer climes of Nevada. So for some luxury mixed with the great outdoors, this could be the route for you.

Have you got any trips planned in the coming weeks? You have so many travel options. Choose the best one for you. Happy travels!


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