Best Vacation Spots On Every Continent

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This year has been a tough year for everyone. We all deserve to get away and relax for a couple of weeks. Too often we visit the same old places. But there is a whole world of incredible destinations out there which offer a totally different vacation experience. Indeed, the world has never been smaller. As such, it is high time that we started broadening our horizons when it comes to our vacations. To help travelers looking for a different excursion, here are the best vacation spots on every continent. (Image Credit: Veetrag/Pixabay)

1. Baños de Agua Santa, Ecuador, South America

Ecuador is a truly incredible country with lush rainforests, fascinating cities and breathtaking countryside. These South American travel experts explain that the town of Baños de Agua Santa is an absolute must-visit for anyone who enjoys a bit of adventure. Baños is built up in the hills at the site of a reported manifestation of the Virgin Mary. Incredible hills for trekking, deep ravines for canyoning and ziplining and luxurious hot springs for relaxing surround the town. Consequently, it is a jewel of a town that any visitor to South America should add to their list. 

2. Udaipur, India, Asia

Udaipur is often called the Venice of the East and it fully deserves that praise. The city is designed around a number of lakes, which catch the light at different times of day to create a whole different mood in the morning, afternoon and evening. Located in Rajasthan in northern India, the architecture of Udaipur is totally unique, which is a theme of the cities of the north of the country. The architecture of Udaipur has an Arabic flair. And all the buildings have flat roofs where visitors can enjoy delicious local food and look out over the city. There are so many incredible local artists, musicians and craftsmen that every visitor has a rich,cultural experience.

3. Valletta, Malta, Europe

The Mediterranean has been a favourite travel destination for hundreds of years. However, most people tend to only visit Italy, Spain and Greece. But Malta is one of the best kept secrets in southern Europe. It iss the perfect vacation destination for anyone who enjoys great weather, delicious food, fascinating culture and intriguing architecture. It’s unique location, creates a mixing pot of different cultures, histories and civilizations. And nowhere is this more visible than in the capital Valletta. Ancient Roman walls, Byzantine courtyards and Orthodox Christian catacombs coexist in this remarkable city. 

4. Key West, USA, North America

Florida is a popular vacation destination for people around the world but whilst most hit the beaches of Miami or the theme parks of Orlando, Key West is the jewel of the sunshine state. The former home of Ernest Hemmingway, Key West is a lively fusion of different cultures and people making it quite unlike anywhere else in the US. From fantastic sea fishing to local creole cuisine to chic boutique shopping, Key West has everything that you could wish for in a vacation destination.

5. Cairns, Australia, Oceania

The gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns is a really cool little coastal city in Australia’s northern Queensland, making it one of the best vacation spots in Oceania. Sunny and warm all year round, there is so much to do in Cairns such as watersports, fishing and, of course, snorkeling and diving in the Great Barrier Reef. Moreover, it is widely considered to be the best diving destination in the world, with coral that covers tens of thousands of square kilometers, the Great Barrier Reef is a real bucket list vacation place. Australians are famous for their BBQs and so you are sure to leave Cairns well-fed.

6. Hermanus, South Africa, Africa

Hermanus is a small town off the southern tip of South Africa and it is famous for the amazing marine life that can be seen off its coast. Visitors flock to Hermanus each year to see the giant Southern Right Whales which can actually be seen breaching and jumping in the harbour from the cafes next to the ocean. For the more adventurous, Hermanus is the jumping off point for a boat trip to the famous Shark Alley where you can go cage diving with the enormous great white sharks. Make sure to check the calendar to find the best time of year to visit when you are most likely to see the whales.

These are some of the best vacation spots for each continent. You’d better start now if you want to see them all! It can be so easy to just stick to the places you know. But it is far more exciting and rewarding to get out of your comfort zone.

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