Best Team Building Strategies For Business

Best Team Building Strategies For Business
Best Team Building Strategies For Business

The key to success when running a business (big or small) is having a close-knit team on hand to help. To create a happy and successful team to help run a business, team building activities are crucial. The companies that fail to take team building seriously tend to be the ones that have the most problems with their employees. This shows just how beneficial and vital team building activities are. Of course, when it comes to team building activities, not all are born equal. Entrepreneurs that want to ensure that their team is an A-team in terms of quality should be creative when it comes to the activities that they incorporate into team building. With that in mind, the team building ideas below offer a perfect combination of fun, adventure, and team building skills, making them perfect for encouraging close team bonds.

Dragon boat racing: Who said team building activities have to be on dry land? Dragon boat racing is a lot of fun and an ideal team building activity. This is because it takes teamwork to be successful – the dragon boat won’t move properly unless the whole team rows in unison. It’s ideal for department team building as it also teaches listening and management skills. This is because one person (ideally the team leader) is required to sit at the front of the boat and yell commands, keeping the team in sync.

Color run: There’s no better way to build a fantastic rapport with team members than to run a race as a team. They say a team that trains together stays together, so what could be a better team building exercise than a color run? The whole company can get involved with each department making up a different team and competing against each other for the best race times. Buy color powder, and each team can have powder to throw at the other teams, making the race more enjoyable and memorable than a normal fun run. Running a race as a department team encourages good teamwork as everyone has to finish for a finish time to be given. So team members should help and encourage each other, as well as training together in the lead up to the event.

Sumo wrestling: It might seem like a strange team building exercise – team members wrestling each other to the ground – but it’s proven to be successful. There’s nothing quite like rolling around on the floor with another co-worker dressed in fat suits while the rest of the department cheers the fight on to boost team morale. It might not focus on team building as much as some other activities, but sumo wrestling has been proven to be a popular option. This is because it has that fun factor that many other activities don’t have.

Virtual Team Building: With many companies migrating to fully remote teams, management has had to figure out different ways to offer team building activities to their employees. With this need various different sites have begun popping up to offer virtual team building activities to offer a solution. One example of this is Escapely and their virtual escape rooms. They offer options for teams no matter how big or where in the world your team members live, helping to drive collaboration and productivity.

These are just a few team building suggestions – there are plenty more to choose from. However, any business that gives these ideas a try is sure to end up with a tight-knit team of employees who are able to work closely successfully.


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