Best Summer Beauty Products

Best Summer Beauty Products

As season’s change, one thing remains the same, our desire to be beautiful! We gathered some of the best beauty products that you will love.

Look your best this fall season with one of the Sweet Water Decor’s makeup bags! Keep all of your makeup essentials together in one fashionable and chic place! Start each day with inspiration with the makeup bag that reads, “She’s A Dreamer, A Doer, A Thinker. She Sees Possibility Everywhere,” or the “Hello Gorgeous” makeup bag!

Best Summer Beauty Products

The inspiration behind the Giraffe’s unique design was to develop a shaving accessory that would assist women with varying physical abilities to shave their legs safely and comfortably. The Giraffe was originally intended to assist women who were unable to shave their legs due to the increasing discomfort of symptoms associated with the second and third trimester of pregnancy. But, after researching the current market, they discovered an unmet demand for a product like ours for women limited in flexibility and mobility. These limitations or disabilities could stem from sports injuries, hip and knee surgery or a chronic medical condition such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, muscular dystrophy, degenerative joint disease, shoulder, neck or back pain or some other unforeseen circumstance. As a result, shaving is difficult if not impossible with a short-handled razor. Giraffe Bath & Body hopes to help bridge the gap between dependency to self-sufficiency and to help improve the quality of life for these individuals.

Best Summer Beauty Products

The Zakia’s Morocco Hammam Home Spa Gift Bag makes the perfect present for your loved ones because it brings the full Moroccan luxury spa treatment right into their own home. This present will not only make their skin feel amazing, but it will also offer the lucky recipient a relaxing escape in the comfort of their own home!

The Moroccans know and understand the key to silky smooth, clean and clear skin. Zakia’s Morocco encompasses the heart of Morocco by using the country’s treasure, the power of 100% pure, organic Argan Oil in each of their products.

It is rich in naturally occurring antioxidants, essential fatty acids, carotenoids, ferulic acid, sterols, polyphenols, and contains remarkably high levels of vitamin E. Argan Oil provides your skin and body with the nutrients it needs to maintain its healthy radiance and it is the main ingredient in the Zakia’s Morocco formula for radiant skin.

 Zakia’s Morocco Hammam Home Spa Gift Bag Includes:

  • 100% pure, organic Argan Oil – 2 oz
  • Atlas Mountain Lava Clay Mask Powder – 8 oz
  • Moroccan Black Soap – 8 oz
  • Loofah Poof
  • Traditional Kessa Exfoliating Glove
  • Free signatory toiletry bag
  • Free shipping

Best Summer Beauty Products

Fall in love with Trust Fund’s new colors just in time for upcoming fall as we sadly say goodbye to the summer sun! The folks at Trust Fund take your outer beauty very seriously – that’s their business. They sell nail polish and lipstick products formulated with love in the U.S.A. and EU, which are always vegan and cruelty-free. If you are looking to minimize the toxic content you are exposed to, and you believe you can be beautiful without being cruel, Trust Fund is the cosmetics company for you. Needless to say, Trust Fund products are a must have for fall, in fact, all season!

Best Summer Beauty Products

Sun exposure isn’t necessarily bad for skin, but too much of anything is never a win. Exposure to the summer sun goes hand in hand with a glowing tan and some Vitamin D, but along with this also comes dry and dull skin– especially around the delicate eye area. This time of year, it’s best to set your sights on Alpessence’s platinum-infused Eye Cream – a prize-eye worthy essential.

Infused with luxury ingredients and powered by platinum, Alpessence eye cream immediately transforms the skin’s reaction to light and the sun, giving instant luminosity. The platinum formula also works in synergy with anti-aging peptides, vitamins, antioxidants and firming agents to promote ultimate rejuvenation of the skin surrounding the eye area. The platinum Eye Cream does the job of oxygenating and purifying skin, plumping fine lines, de-puffing eyes, soothing dry skin, and reducing the appearance of dark circles.

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