Best Grooming Products For Bald Men

Top Grooming Tips For Bald Men
Top Grooming Tips For Bald Men

Your bald scalp requires maintenance to keep healthy and smooth. A scalp which isn’t properly cared for is dry, itchy and even has dandruff. Moisturizers usually hydrate your scalp and keep your head skin balanced. There are men’s grooming products which don’t suit you and may leave your head greasy and with substance residue. Moreover, your bald head is exposed daily to allergens, acne breakouts, sunburn, dandruff and razor burn.

We have compiled a shortlist of 9 head moisturizers with natural ingredients. They can be used by anyone with dry scalp who enjoys the subtly flavored and yet efficient products.

  • Bald Guyz Moisture Gel

Bald Guyz Moisture Gel works for both your face and head and prevents irritations, so it works best after shaving. This is a bald head moisturizer that users appreciate because it’s not too strong, so it doesn’t leave greasy tracks.

Why it is natural: The blend product contains many antioxidants, green tea and grape seed extracts. It’s especially developed for quick skin absorption. Its ingredients list also includes aloe vera, vitamins A, C and E, Ginkgo Biloba peel, ginger root and cucumber extract, algae, and peach.

  • Bee Bald Smooth Plus Head and Face

The second best favorite moisturizer can smooth out fine lines, wrinkles and dry patches on your scalp. It also prevents them by protecting your head skin thanks to its SPF 30. If your bald head is greasy, it minimizes its oily shine. The moisturizer looks like a lotion and has a slight floral smell.

Why it is natural: This product contains licorice root extract, honey and pollen, together with goji berries. Thanks to these natural ingredients, your scalp feels cool and fresh for the entire day. The Bee Bald cream tones, hydrates and moisturizes your scalp within a few minutes after you apply it.

  • Bull Dog Original Moisturizer

A natural moisturizer should have essential oils, and this one contains 8 of them. If used in the morning and at night, it rehydrates very dry skin and protects it from the effects of cold and heat. The moisturizer has a subtle neutral smell that vanishes within less than an hour.

Why it is natural: The Bull Dog product contains bergamot, lemon and lime oil, along with sea water, green algae and vitamin E. The vitamin keeps hair roots strong if you are bald due to shaving.

  • Burt’s Bees Skin Nourishment Night Cream

Imagine a night use moisturizer with 98.9% natural ingredients and free of parabens, SLS, petrolatum and phthalates. This cream reduces fine lines and wrinkles, as according to its manufacturers. You will balance your head skin with a hypoallergenic moisturizer.

Why it is natural: The Burt’s Bees cream contains sunflower seed oil, honeysuckle flower extract, calendula and witch hazel leaf extract, lecithin, soybean, shea butter, jojoba oil and royal jelly.

  • High Time Moisturizer

The High Time moisturizer comes with a statement: Dare to Be Bald. It is an antifungal treatment that combats acne and itchy skin patches. It makes the scalp shine naturally and it has a light consistency which makes it suitable for summer use.

Why it is natural:  The moisturizer smells like menthol throughout the day. It also contains mineral oil and tea tree oil for deep skin hydration. You can also use it after shaving to prevent irritation and make the scalp smooth.

  • Palmer’s Men’s Bald Balm

The moisturizer is rich in cocoa butter; hence it acts like a balm. It is suitable for both shaved or bald scalp and has a SPF 30 broad spectrum for summer vacation use. The moisturizer may seem waxy, but it requires a small quantity to spread on your head.

Best Grooming Products For Bald Men

Why it is natural: Cocoa butter, corn oil, mineral oil and sunflower seed oil are the natural ingredients of this moisturizer. Manufacturers recommend users to apply the product 15 minutes before sun exposure.

  • Head & Shoulders Dry Scalp Moisturizer

You can find this moisturizer in many of the convenience stores in your neighborhood. This popular product eliminates scalp dandruff in 2 minutes, according to manufacturers. The moisturizer also minimizes side effect of dandruff, such as itching.

Why it is natural: Pyrinthione zinc is a mineral which hydrates your scalp and eliminates dandruff. You can use the moisturizer for dry scalp once week, due to its strength.

  • HeadBlade ClearHead Shave Treatment

The ClearHead moisturizer works best if you used immediately after head shaving. It prevents and eliminates ingrown hairs and balances your scalp skin. According to its manufacturers, if used every day this product keeps your head smooth.

Why it is natural: The moisturizer contains green tea extract, zinc PCA, camphor oil and tea seed oil. The natural active ingredients have a subtle smell that you will easily get used to.

  • Big Boy SPF 20 Men’s Moisturizer

The moisturizer cream is made in an artisan lab from a village near Palermo, exclusively with Sicilian ingredients. It is a long-term moisturizer that works both for face and scalp. The cream also has SPF 20 for summer use.

Why it is natural: The moisturizer contains almond oil, olive oil extract, vitamin E, Argan oil and Squalene plant. It works as an antioxidant for skin pores.

To Conclude

The above moisturizers keep your head skin healthy and shiny, without having too much shine. They are essential if you have a dry scalp. Their natural ingredients are active and protect your bald head on the long run.

Natural substances have intense effects that minimize the consequences of using chemically-based products constantly. Find your best moisturizer and shave your head.

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