Best Fashion Accessories For Her

Best Fashion Accessories For Her
Best Fashion Accessories For Her

It’s fair to say that it can be a tough task to find the perfect fashion and style accessories to give your work outfits some extra oomph. Even if we’ve picked out the perfect smart-casual dress to show we mean business, your outfits might need something more. However, it isn’t always easy to work out what that extra finishing touch might be.

At work, we can’t go over the top – we have to find the middle ground. That means that we need to pick up accessories that create a polished look without making us look like we’re getting ready for a girl’s night out.

Take a look at these must-have accessories that every working woman should have in their wardrobe if they want to finish off their office look perfectly:

An Elegant Umbrella

The last thing anyone wants is to turn up at the office looking more like a drowned rat than a sophisticated businessperson who’s ready for action. That’s why every woman needs an elegant umbrella to compliment her look. Classic black or cute transparent umbrellas will help you look good and stay dry as you run from meeting to meeting.

Silk Scarves

Sometimes, all it takes to elevate an outfit to the next level is a splash of color. When you want to look professional, the easiest way to add some color is with a pretty silk scarf.


If you’re a bit bolder, you could wear a colorful pair of shoes with your plain black shift dress to give your outfit a bit more oomph. Even shoes that have a flash of red underneath will give create that extra bit of spunk you need.

Phone Cases

As a busy working woman, chances are you will spend a lot of time taking calls, which gives you the perfect opportunity to add some extra detail to your outfit. A stylish phone case will show off your personality and protect your phone from harm.

A Professional Purse

As a professional lady, you don’t want to turn up to meetings with a beaten down backpack or a purse that would look better on the arm of teenager. What you want is a purse that screams professional. Luxury satchel bags made from the finest leather, not only look great, but they’re perfect for carrying around your papers, MacBook and wallet safely.

Understated Earrings

Earrings can be one of the subtlest accessories there is, which is exactly what you want at work. Choose a cute pair of studs in a classic color and style. You’ll never have to worry about being too plain or too blinged up for business.


Skinny belts are a fashion favorite. They can completely transform an outfit and your shape. Buy a few and use them to spice up those bland shift dresses that look professional, but plain.  If you do this, you’ll be one of the best-dressed women in the office.

What are your go to office fashion accessories?


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