Best Beauty Advice

Best Beauty Advice
Best Beauty Advice

One of the inevitable things we all dread in life is aging skin.  Although, we cannot stop the aging process, there are things we can do to keep our skin looking beautiful and youthful as long as possible. Beverly Hills aesthetician, Amy Petty of Aqua Star BABOR Beauty Spa at The Beverly Hilton shares some of her professional secrets and simple steps anyone can follow to keep their skin always looking its best. She offers simple steps to prevent signs of aging that even the luckiest of us, will have to face.

 BHM: What are early signs of skin damage and aging?

AP: First, we need to understand what causes aging. In addition to stress, poor diet, lack of exercise, and environmental factors, there are a lot of things happening under the top layer of skin. There you will find collagen and elastin fibers breaking down, metabolic activity in the tissue slowing down, and a process called Glycation where the collagen fibers become hard, inflexible and even break. Some of the early signs of aging include pigment changes, sun burns, stressed skin from environmental activities, loss of glow in complexion, dark circles under eyes, fine lines, loss of elasticity in skin, and unexpected dryness not due to the environment.  These signs can be caused by things such as pollution, poor diet, lack of exercise, and interrupted sleep cycles.Lucky for us, there are definitely things we can do to protect our skin and prevent it from aging for as long as possible.


Aqua Star Spa, Beverly Hills
Aqua Star Spa, Beverly Hills

BHM: What are some daily habits that can help keep our skin healthy?

AP: Three important daily habits include the use of sun block, adequate water consumption, and exercise! TV and computer screens rob our bodies of B vitamins as well as keep our brains wired up, thus affecting our ability to sleep, which in turn affects our skin. Eating the right foods also has an immense effect of your skin’s overall health.

 BHM: What foods can cause signs of aging?

AP: Aside from the obvious foods that are always bad for your health, such as processed foods high in sugar, there are also some unexpected foods that can have an effect on skin’s appearance – these include peanuts, pistachios, corn, yams and potatoes, white rice, unsprouted flours, pasteurized dairy, cheeses, pork, shellfish, and condiments that are loaded with chemicals and sugar.

 BHM: What about foods that help fight signs of aging?

AP:  There are many foods you can choose from that will help to keep your skin looking its best.  Eggs, for example help repair damaged tissue, all veggies and fruits (especially the green leafy veggies), Acai, hot pepper, beans and lentils, adzuki beans which are lower in calories than many other beans, and Hemp seeds which have an incredible healing ability.  Fish oil which contains Omega 3s helps keep you skin hydrated and foods rich in anti-oxidants like green tea are effective against skin inflammation and preventing cancerous changes in the skin. Chocolate lovers out there are in luck! Dark chocolate proves to be beneficial for your skin.  It’s rich in flavanols, contains fiber, iron, zinc, copper, potassium and magnesium.  Dark chocolate is said to protect against sun induced damage to the skin and improve blood flow.

Best Beauty Advice
Best Beauty Advice

BHM: For those of us on a budget, are there good skin care products we can find at the drug store?

AP:  All product lines are not created equal.  If you find a product at a local drug store you like, you’ll want to do some research on the company to find out about who is creating their products.  Helpful ingredients to look for include buffered glycolic acids to help remove the dead skin cells, Vitamin A+B5 which regenerates and calms the skin, Vitamin E to trap free radicals, Vitamin C to brighten complexion, High tech peptides for a reduction of lines and wrinkles, and Hyaluronic acid to deeply moisturize the skin.

 BHM: Any other tips to keep in mind?

AP: Once you begin incorporating healthy habits into your life, abstaining from damaging ones, and choosing the right skin products, your skin will uphold a youthful appearance.  Do not battle age with needles, knives, and lasers; rather prevent damage in a natural and easy way.  Your skin will thank you with its glowing, youthful exterior.  That being said, it never hurts to treat your skin to a revitalizing day at the spa.

At Aqua Star BABOR Beauty spa at The Beverly Hilton, Amy Petty and other skincare experts will help you improve your current skincare regimen, or begin a new treatment strategy tailored to your beauty goals and lifestyle. As the first BABOR Beauty branded spa in the U.S., Aqua Star BABOR Beauty Spa offers the latest products and services from this world renowned skin care brand.  For those seeking rejuvenating results, the spa offers innovative treatments such as the Red Carpet Ready Facial, which addresses the immediate need for fabulousness for that special occasion you are celebrating, and a Collagen Booster Therapy facial created to plump, lift, and reshape the facial contour.  All of the facials, massages, and body treatments will leave your skin feeling supple, fresh and glowing with radiance!

 By Leigh Grant


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