Beauty Trends To Make You Look Camera-Ready

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As we all continue to work and study from home, beauty experts predict that skincare and beauty trends will be heavily influenced by our need to look good for video calls. Last year, some of the best Beverly Hills plastic surgeons said that they’ve been seeing more middle-aged businessmen and women come in for treatments, as seeing themselves on conference screens has made them want to look fresher and younger for their Zoom calls. If you’re thinking about having a treatment, or if you’re considering a new beauty look to look refreshed and glowing, check out these Zoom-influenced beauty trends to make you look camera-ready.

Chin and Jawline Contouring

In an interview with Who What Wear, Beverly Hills-based plastic surgeon Anita Patel reveals that there has been a spike in treatments that focus on the chin and jawline. Patel says that when people spend a lot of time on Zoom all day, they can become aware of shadows and angles, which is why locals are coming in to get their chins and jawlines contoured with fillers. This procedure involves injecting fillers such as Voluma or Radiesse along the jawline, which results in a slimmer and more improved jawline and profile. There’s no downtime for this type of treatment, and you’ll get noticeable results shortly after this type of procedure.

Defined Brows

Having defined brows is a must, whether you’re dressed for a fabulous beach day, lounging at the pool in your best summer wear, or going out with friends. It’s also essential when you’re on back-to-back Zoom calls, which is why brow guru Anastasia Soare has released the new Anastasia Beverly Hills App so you can have a virtual brow appointment on your phone. The app uses an algorithm to provide a filter of the best brows for your face, and you’ll get a step-by-step tutorial as well as product recommendations to get perfect brows so you’ll look amazing for your conference calls.

Skin-Perfecting Treatments

If you’re bothered about the way your skin looks on camera, medical-grade skincare treatments designed to improve texture, brighten skin, reduce breakouts, and improve acne scarring and fine lines could be your go-to for flawless skin. A light chemical peel can help you achieve all of these skin goals with zero downtime. Other Zoom-friendly treatments such as Aquagold, which infuse hyaluronic acid and vitamins into the skin to shrink pores and brighten the complexion, are also becoming highly popular among Beverly Hills locals.
Zoom and other video conference apps have greatly influenced this year’s beauty trends in Beverly Hills. Consider these trends to look fresher and younger, and look your best during your Zoom calls.
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