Beauty Secrets: Be Frizz Free

Beautiful Hair Styling Tips
Beautiful Hair Styling Tips

No matter what your age, nobody wants frizzy hair. Remember the character that Cameron Diaz played in the movie, Being John Malkovich? Even a beautiful supermodel and superstar under forty can look dumpy with frizzy hair! But once you turn forty, it’s a different story. It’s called raging hormones and going grey. Grey hair can wreak havoc no matter what you do to cover it up. Frizz over forty can be the telltale sign of aging unless you learn the beauty secret to how to say goodbye to frizz. No longer can you blame humidity on this wretched look. In fact many women who had their signature hairstyle which was curly with a spot of frizz are now going smooth. Remember Bette Midler or Nicole Kidman? They were known for their wild n’ crazy curls, but as they got older, the frizz took over, so they went smooth and shiny.

After interviewing the Beverly Hills salon owner and stylist to the stars, Nelson Chan of Nelson j Salon (, we found that he has discovered the ultimate beauty secret to hair repair. He has spent years formulating remedies for all kinds of hair conditions and his Anti-Aging Frizz Reduction Treatment really solves the problem. Nelson created 2 components: 1. Moisture Infusion to the hair (adding moisture, not stripping the moisture from hair) 2. Keratin Conditioning to soften the hair (so it’s not just a pure keratin conditioning treatment).

But beauty also needs to be supported from the inside-out. Diet is off the charts important and Chan suggests food high in antioxidants to help with softness and shine in your hair. We now know that blackberries, blueberries, cherries and pomegranates are rich in a particularly potent antioxidant called polyphenol and need to be aware that we must have these in our diet for overall anti-aging properties. We also need Vitamin E, which helps to protect the scalp’s natural oil. Chan suggests almonds, cabbage and avocado.

Amazing Before and After
Amazing Before and After

We consulted Hollywood-based nutritionist and healthy lifestyle expert Lisa De Fazio, MS, RD (, who offered specific dietary tips to achieve shiny, smooth, gorgeous hair.  “Protein is at the top of the food list for luscious locks! Hair is made of keratin, a form of protein, so include lean meats, fish, eggs, and beans, in your diet. Your hair needs healthy fats for that celebrity shine!  The best sources of healthy omega-3 fats are found in salmon, avocados, flaxseed oil, and almonds. A healthy fat-packed protein like salmon is perfect for healthy hair as it provides many of the nutrients needed for hair growth. If your diet is low in protein, your hair will grow slowly and the strands will be thin and weak.  If you don’t eat enough omega-3 fatty acids, you will have a dry scalp and dry, dull, brittle hair. Last, eggs are also a perfect food for healthy hair.  Eggs provide protein, iron, and selenium. In addition, they contain biotin which increases the strength of hair strands and prevents breakage.”

After learning the secret of fighting frizz after 40 you may want to book an appointment right away and become frizz free. If you are not able to schedule a visit to his Beverly Hills salon, you are in luck, with Nelson j at-home hair care products which includes his best-selling Nelson j Moisture Healing Mask ( as a solution. Your hair really can be beautiful at any age!

By Marjorie Rothstein

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