Be The Perfect Wedding Guest

Be The Perfect Wedding Guest!
Be The Perfect Wedding Guest!

Wedding’s are an incredibly exciting event, and they’re the perfect time to go all out and get dressed up. There are going to be hundreds of pictures taken of the big day, so you no doubt want to look like the perfect wedding guest in them. This wedding guide will help you pull yourself together perfectly so you look your best ever while celebrating the most beautiful thing in the world, LOVE!

Wear Something Romantically Themed

Weddings are a romantic occasion; we all know that much. So don’t try to dress up like you’re the next sexy villain in a Batman movie. Going for the vampy look isn’t going to get you any awards for the best wedding guest. By wearing something romantically themed, you’ll look amazing and appropriate for the occasion. How do you wear something romantically themed? Go for pastel colors, florals, and things of a similar nature – think of pretty outfits rather than sexy! (Image by Katsu Nojiri)

Stay Away from Anything Close to White

You must stay away from anything close to white if you want to look like the perfect wedding guest. Any seasoned wedding guest will tell you that white is off limits. Even cream and similar shades of white; just stay away. You have a whole spectrum of colors to choose from. It might not mention it on the traditional wedding invitations, but it goes without saying. You don’t want people talking about you. You don’t want to look like an inconsiderate guest!

Don’t Try to Upstage the Bride

This is the bride’s day, so please don’t try to upstage her. If you pick a full length gown with a long train, you’ve gone too far. If you cover yourself in a ton of sparkly jewelry, you’ve gone too far. Of course you should look your best, but there’s no reason to go OTT. People will notice, and you’ll be seen as disrespectful. Keep makeup fairly pretty and natural, and stick to the rest of the tips in this guide to avoid making the day about you.

Keep it Appropriate

Keep your clothing appropriate. Don’t show off too much leg, cleavage, or anything like that all at once. It’s usually advisable to cover up your cleavage and stick to something just above the knee, or even consider wearing trousers. This is a wedding after all, not a night in the club!

Find Out What the Bridesmaids are Wearing

This is a key point that so many people don’t bother to do. Find out what the bridesmaids are wearing if possible. At least find out the color, so you can avoid it. If you turn up wearing the same color gown as a bridesmaid, you’ll look like the guest who didn’t quite make the cut. It could make for some very awkward situations if you’re not careful.

Hopefully, this guide has given you some useful tips on looking like the perfect wedding guest. I hope you enjoy them and you have a great time at the wedding. Tips of your own? Leave them below. See you again soon!

Jacqueline Maddison
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