Design Your Own Jewelry and Be a Jeweler


 Jewelry is a popular item for both personal use and gift giving; there is a variety of different jewelry designs and materials to work with. Even though it could be lucrative, the market has a lot of competition and you’ll have to create something unique to get your designs noticed. Nonetheless, if you don’t want to go commercial and become a full-time jeweler then you can simply have fun by designing jewelry for your own use and flaunting it to your friends. After all, it would be exclusive to you!

View our guidelines to start your own jewelry line and check out if this endeavor can make you a successful jeweler.

Choosing The Style

Take a look at some of your favorite pieces of jewelry owned by you and decide how to style your piece. Evaluate why you find these pieces so attractive and if others will also like it. If you find similar matching reasons, it’s something to probably consider while designing your piece.

Practice Makes Perfect

Draw the design until it looks perfect. Jot it down on a piece of paper to get an idea what you want it to look like; then materialize it!  Sketch out the proportions and draw it from multiple angles. When you’re satisfied and realize that’s what you want, it is time to work on it. However, if you are not sure then it is recommended that you seek help from friends or a professional.

To polish your skills, you can enroll yourself in advanced classes and learn new techniques. Sustain with trends in the industry. You can also consider joining professional associations and online groups.

What Purpose Does It Hold?

Be a Jeweler
Be a Jeweler

The piece should be designed on where you want to wear it. The materials you use, such as silver or diamond, also depend on the main purpose. Understandably, you will not wear diamond jewelry to a small event. In the same way, silver jewelry cannot be worn to a big party.   Will it be worn on a formal occasion?

Other questions that you should ask yourself when you decide to be a jeweler include:

  • How often will it be worn?
  • Would it be everyday or  occasionally?
  •  Can it be used an accessory and become the centre of attention in an outfit?
  • Will it be bright or more earth toned?
  • Other stuff like shapes,  material etc. should also be considered.

Tools and Materials

Check on tools and materials required to produce your jewelry.  To save on production costs, search for bulk and wholesale sources of materials. By creating an inventory system, it would be easy to order supplies when you require them.

Turning Your Passion into a Business

You can start by designing jewelry for yourself, friends and family and could later take your passion to the next level and become a professional jeweler. You need to be different with how you design to be able to attract buyers. If you cannot afford expensive jewelry then you do not need to enter the diamond market initially. You can begin with silver and grow gradually.

One has to start somewhere and this might just serve as a perfect start for you.

Jacqueline Maddison
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