AWNL Scandi Meteorite Bracelet For Men’s Classy Outfit

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Have you ever wondered what a meteorite bracelet looks like? Perhaps, you’ve come across the picture but yet to be opportune to own one. There is nothing to worry about. The main thing is to buy an original meteorite bracelet that is in vogue. 

Nowadays, bracelets are a common accessory among most men. Usually, men wear bracelets given to them as gifts by their wives, girlfriends, or other female friends whose fashion sense and style may be far better than theirs. But men also buy bracelets on their own.  Although, their selection may differ when it comes to choosing materials used to make the bracelets but do you know that the meteorite bracelet is unique in diverse ways?

Yes, almost every jewelry stores sell meteorite bracelets but those at AWNL JEWEL stand out to be the most distinctive and coolest among other meteorite bracelets. Most bracelets rust over time but AWNL’s JEWEL meteorite bracelets do not rust at any point in time. Therefore, you can have their bracelets in different styles, colors, and shapes.  

Beverly Hills Magazine AWNL Aurora Meteorite Bracelet


AWNL is a men’s dedicated, Nordic or Swedish-oriented, Talisman and energy jewelry brand. The unique thing about this brand is that meteorite collection is the centerpiece of all AWNL’s jewelry. Therefore, we can conclude that AWNL is a meteorite jewelry brand specializing in different types and designs of men’s jewelry

People have always been fascinated by meteorites from ancient times till the present. This unique material has been crafted into beautifully designed jewelry. When you learn the various types and the usefulness of meteorites, it can help you at large to select unique styles and colors when shopping for meteorite bracelets.

A lot of value is placed on meteorite jewelry not because of its beauty alone, but because of the healing properties attached to these unique stones. Whether you are searching for meteorite jewelry, AWNL JEWEL is the place to be. We’ve got several men’s meteorite bracelets for your sport, casual, and work outfits.

Beverly Hills Magazine AWNL Dragon Blood Meteorite Bracelet


We are aware that different brands of men’s meteorite bracelets are present in the marketplace for your selection. But, if you will be buying any type of meteorite bracelets, you should choose and buy from a brand that actually utilized meteorite in its bracelets design. Not just by mere saying, but one that you can clearly see in the jewelry yourself.

Therefore, you need to buy from a trusted and well-known brand that deals a lot with meteorites in their jewelry production. Not just that, men’s outfits should be classy and prominent with the necessary accessories especially bracelets. 

So, a brand that specializes in men’s jewelry should be the best choice. And this is where AWNL’s men’s bracelets come in. There are different types of bracelets and it is necessary that you make some considerations before buying one. Be certain that the products are of good quality. Beyond mouth saying, we are also unique in the following ways listed below (but not limited to):

 Cool Design for Men’s Stylish Outfit

AWNL men’s meteorite bracelets are designed in various attractive forms to complement your classy outfit. Some of the designs include: 

  • Mixed Elements: the element used in men’s bracelets is usually an important factor because it determines its durability to a great extent. Therefore, before you choose or buy a bracelet, you must first be sure you are aware of the material used to design it. A wrong element combination will never look good despite having a nice finishing. The right material mixtures alongside a perfect design go hand in hand. Element such as meteorite, chain, gemstone bead, or charms are present in AWNL’s bracelets which contribute to the cool designs we have. We do not use just one element throughout a bracelet design rather we mix these elements to produce attractive and elegant men’s bracelets.
  • Shapes: the Swedish meteorite can be cubic, star-cut, flat bead, or round bead form. Depending on the shape you like, you can select any one of your choices. Better still, you can ask us for a customized shape design for you. 
  • Color: each man has his unique color preference. AWML has designed its men’s meteorite bead bracelet in such a way that they consider men’s favorite colors. Therefore, you can select from the many color choices they have made available like green, blue, red, purple, etc.
  • Stacking and Single: AWNL meteorite bracelets come in stacked and single forms. They can be worn as a single or multiple layers depending on how you want your wrist to look. The number of bracelets you wear will also depend on the occasion and the kind of look you are trying to pass across to your audience. You can choose to wear from one single bracelet, double wrapped to multiple numbers.

Beverly Hills Magazine AWNL Blue Tiger Eye Hand piece

Positive Meteorite Meaning

Meteorite is one of the earliest solids formed in our solar system which fell over a million years ago. Wearing it is tantamount to wearing the history of space and time. Meteorite bracelets are a cool gift for men. It signifies eternal love, a real shooting star, or a cool thing from outer space. Imagine making a wish when holding a shooting start in your hand or making an eternal love promise while having a meteorite that makes a dream comes true.

Gemstone Healing Power

The gemstones (black onyx, tiger eye stone, dumortierite, and moss agate) have been carefully hand-picked by AWNL designers and incorporated into their unique designs. It is also a cool gift for men which has crystal healing powers. All these gemstones have different functions they perform and wearing them ward off negativity, adversity and brings good fortune to the wearer. 

Blessings from Runes and Charms

Runes and charms are a cool gift for men which bring good wishes to the wearer. It functions as strong protection in the Nordic white magic. The Talisman meaning of varied runes and charms (clover, lucky wheel, skull, the eye of Horus, etc.).

 All-match Style

AWNL meteorite bracelets are styled differently depending on the style you like. Some of their men’s bracelet styles are strung with silver or gold chains, braided or elastic strands. The silver bracelets for men are solid, polished, and shiny enough to stand the test of time. The elastic styles are stretchable to fit perfectly to the wrist while the braided strands can be adjusted to fit your wrist properly.

The kind of outfit you wear will determine the kind of bracelet to use. Also, the occasion says a lot about the bracelet to wear. You can’t just be wearing any kind of bracelet for any occasion because some are well suited to a particular occasion.

For sport, you need something firm that does not slide around your wrist while doing sport. Also, if you wear an elastic bracelet, you might over-stretch it and make it lose its elasticity. For casual outfits there are bracelets you can wear 24/7, wearing something cool, comfortable, and not too stacked is ok. It can be beaded, chain, leather, or braided bracelet. While for work, you need bracelets that complement your suit and it is good if you select the elegant ones.

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In general, it is recommended to wear cool colors on formal occasions while shiny bracelets are suitable while going for clubbing, beach, etc.

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