Office Distractions In Your Business?

Avoiding Business Office Distractions
Avoiding Business Office Distractions

It might sound like it’s not a big deal. Everyone has minor distractions in their business, but then everyone gets right back to work, right? Not necessarily. It’s been found that an individual employee might lose whole hours over the course of a week. Not only can the initial distraction take time away, but after the distraction, employees tend to find it harder to get back into pace. So, how do you deal with them?

Losing focus

When you think of work distraction, you might immediately think of the employees losing focus. That’s not always, or even mostly, the correct answer, but it does happen. You need to figure out whether it’s a problem with motivation or just a temptation they’re finding it hard to deal with. For instance, if they’re using social media too often, you might need to establish rules in the office that most people aren’t allowed on social media during certain hours. Otherwise, talk to the individual to see if their work is engaging them.

A dam in the workflow

Even if someone is fully engaged in their work, that doesn’t mean they’re going to find it any easier to do. If the methods and tools they’re using to do their work aren’t efficient, they’ll lose time without any fault of their own. Make sure you’re providing them with the right software and help them to systemize how they tackle certain processes. Systemizing doesn’t just help them stick to the most effective methods. It creates a guidebook that future employees doing the same task can use as well. If it’s your own workflow you have trouble controlling, then you need to consider learning some time management skills.

Out of stock

In offices, garages, warehouses, and factories alike, there’s a dependency on physical stock. So, making sure that physical stock is accessible is essential. We’re not just talking about resources like paper and staplers. We’re talking about the real equipment, the tools, tech, and parts, that people need to keep things operational. If your team is caught unable to do their work, make sure you have a stock of replacement parts that will be needed. From keeping a computer free for technical difficulties or sourcing on-site hose replacement for your company vehicles.

Technical difficulties

Speaking of tech problems, having a replacement isn’t always going to be the right answer. What if your internet goes down or the power goes out? What if a hard drive with important data fries? Keeping logical backups is essential. Using Cloud software, for instance, to store important files as well as physical storage. Allowing people to remotely work when the internet goes down or investing in wi-fi dongles that people can use in the event. You might even want to consider setting up an emergency generator to keep things running when you suffer power cuts.

Identify which distractions hold the most prominent place in your business. Make sure you take the right strides to deal with them. Sometimes, it might mean getting a little tough on a team member. At other times, it means admitting fault and fixing it yourself.


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