Are Solar Panels Worth It in California?

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If you’re a California resident wondering if it would be worth investing in solar panels in the Golden State, you’re reading the right piece. You should get an idea of the funding required by looking at the solar panel installation cost in Los Angeles.

Solar is the most expensive of all renewables, especially with panel installation reaching an all-time high in cost as of late. In recent years, the almost 50 percent boom in this sector has also led to the highest ever annual rate since before the new millennium. That said, one cannot deny the benefits of solar energy in energy cost reduction and environmental preservation. It is also easier to use and less costly to install with other renewables.

Still, we can’t help but ask if they’re a worthwhile installation in California.

Why We Recommend It

The GHI or Global Horizontal Irradiation average for the Golden state sits at 5.2 kWh/M2, making it among the prime locations for residential solar power systems in the United States. Based on this, we recommend investing in this form of renewable if you reside in California. Also, if you need jackery solar kits visit Solar Paradise for exclusive deals.

Why It’s Worth It in California

One thing about California is that it has barely any shortage of sun. Close to 300 days in a year in the Golden state are sunny. When there is enough space on your home’s roof, and you don’t live in a cloudy area, solar panels are worth investing in California.

To know the true worth of your solar panels, let’s first go over the climate in California. Like Texas’s climate, California’s climate can vary considerably. From tundra chill to scorching heat, solar panels would be a worthier investment in some parts of the state than in others.

Homes along the coastline and parts of the central valley experience a more Mediterranean type of climate. This means temperatures are generally warmer and colder during summer and winter. And if it rains there, it pours. Most of this has to do with ocean influences, resulting in temperature extremes.

At times, winters can be warmer than average and summers cooler than in other parts. Regardless, the ocean brings a cooling effect that boosts the impact of solar production. This is because intense heat tends to lessen the efficiency of solar power systems.

May to October is usually when solar production is highest in the Golden state. This time of the year is when the skies are clear, and temperatures are just the right kind of hot.

Peak Sunlight Hours in California

This is another factor to consider when gauging the worthiness of solar panels in California. This is regarded as a vital piece of information, as it determines the ideal quantity of solar panels to install in your home or business.

Areas with low peak sun hours, especially if you consume high energy, are not great places for solar panels.

The Cost of a Solar Power System in California

The exact cost of a solar power system in the Golden state depends on the following factors:

  • Monthly electrical consumption
  • The peak sunlight hours your home gets
  • The type of solar panels used
  • The brand of solar renewable you decide on

What Solar Panels Should You Choose?

There are different types of solar panels, with monocrystalline panels being the more intelligent, more efficient choice by far. They’re also rising in popularity globally, despite their higher price.

Polycrystalline options are also advisable, though they are less efficient than their top-of-the-line counterparts. The good news, though, is they’re more affordable and shouldn’t make you miss out on the benefits of solar in general. If price is more important to you than efficiency, you may find these better choices.

Choosing a Solar Brand

Your solar brand of choice will impact the overall cost of your solar panels. That’s because some brands are more popular than others. More importantly, they’re also known for manufacturing better quality products. In that light, the higher price you pay for them should be worth it.

The Number of Solar Panels Your California Home Needs

There is a formula for finding out the cost of installing solar panels in your California home. It’s called the solar system sizing formula. This formula also lets you figure out how many solar panels your home needs.

Just make sure all the variables are in place. Start by dividing your average monthly rate for electricity use by the peak monthly sun hours multiplied by 1,000. The answer should then be divided by your proposed solar power system’s power rating. That gives you a reasonable estimate of the number of panels required to power your home.

So, Are They Worth It?

So far, evidence suggests that they are. California is a prime location for these structures because of its climate and geographical structure. There isn’t much that won’t align with a California resident’s needs for solar power. They stand to benefit more from solar panels than users from other parts of the world.

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