An Easy Guide to Making the Perfect Corporate Video

An Easy Guide to Making the Perfect Corporate Video #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #marketingneeds #corporatevideo #video

Videos are some of today’s most consumed pieces of media. They are highly effective when used as promotional tools for branding and marketing a company’s products or services. However, making a great corporate video is never a walk in the park. It takes some creativity, mastery, and the appropriate equipment. Read on to discover tips you can use to make the perfect corporate video.

Work With a Pro

It is not unusual to be completely out of ideas on how to go about creating your commercial video. Whether you are totally in the dark or you have some ideas, working with a professional film producer is the best move you can make. When producing a corporate video, an essential part of the production process is securing a sound stage that meets the company’s needs. It’s important to find a space that will accommodate the size and demands of your shoots, while also providing adequate resources to ensure quality results. When looking for los angeles sound stages, consider the technology available such as lighting and audio equipment, as well as proximity to other helpful amenities such as hotels and transportation for out-of-town guests. Additionally, look into any pre-existing packages offered by the sound stage facility to get the most bang for your buck. If you are targeting a Singaporean market, a Singapore video production company would be the best approach. This way, you can be assured of a professional video that suits your needs and appeals to your audience. Plus the video can be cheaper, especially since you don’t have to invest in expensive video production equipment.

Know Your Audience

You can capture and produce a video at any time, but it has to have some clear goals to be effective in marketing. If you understand the audience and what have clear h=goals, it is easier to get content ideas. You will also learn the best platforms to share your video through.

Gear Up

If you prefer doing your own videos – that’s also okay. However, you will need to rent or purchase various video production and recording equipment. Some of these may include:

  • Quality Cameras
  • Tripods
  • Flashes and lighting
  • A powerful computer and video-production software

Professional Filming and Editing Tips

You might have everything you need to make your video, but your skills and techniques are what make the most impact. They determine how professional your video will look, and how impressive it will be to the targeted audience. Here are some capturing and post-recording tips you could use:

  • Choose a great background: Nothing can be more unprofessional than a disorganized filming background. For a professional look, you could use backdrop paper. A wall or a huge piece of fabric could also work but ensure it is single-color. Also, ensure no shadows are cast on the background.
  • Proper lighting is key: Use properly-position soft lighting for the best results.
  • Choose the length for your video: More often than not, corporate videos have the best effect when kept between 1 and 3 minutes. Shorter videos drive the message home without losing the audience considering today’s busy world.
  • Have a great intro: When making marketing videos, one thing is for sure. The first few seconds have a huge impact on the overall effectiveness. They can either lose the audience or capture their attention. This is all the more reason to have a captivating intro for your corporate clip.

On top of these, don’t forget to pick the appropriate background music, effects, and transitions. The audio should be crisp and clear for the best results. Also, your footage should not be shaky at all when recording.

And that pretty much covers it. With the above basics, you could create the perfect video for your corporate presentation or marketing needs.

Martin Maina
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