All That You Should Know About the Murphy Bed

All That You Should Know About the Murphy Bed #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #bevhillsmag #murphybed #bedroom #sleepinginstyle

With its ability to fold up into a wall, the basic Murphy bed is an inventive piece of furniture that is ideal for small living or a combination office/guest room setup. However, when you aren’t using the bed, you could fold it up and store it under your bed to save up extra floor space. On the flip side, Murphy beds have a reputation for eating their inhabitants whole; for example, in Charlie Chaplin’s short movie One A.M., in which he battles his Murphy bed and loses, the Murphy bed swallows him whole.

However, thanks to significant technological advancements over the previous century, the present Murphy bed seems to be no longer the joke in a slapstick comedy. Alexa Battista, a Wayfair spokesman, explains that “over the years, Murphy beds have grown into a fashionable, multi-functional product that can effortlessly merge into one’s existing décor.” With possibilities ranging from floor to ceiling and credenza-like alternatives to Murphy beds for dogs, the overall appearance of this hideaway unit has evolved into a semi-chic, small-space living need!”

No matter what the case may be, we’re here to assist you in answering your most pressing inquiries concerning the renowned Murphy bed.

What is the reason behind its name “Murphy Bed”?

Obviously, the Murphy bed was named after its creator, William Murphy. William L. Murphy created a bed that could be folded neatly into a closet around the start of the twentieth century, motivated by a shortage of room in his small studio apartment at the time of the invention even though, there are some sources that suggest a more provocative reason. The Murphy Wall Bed Company was founded by him, and his invention was patent-protected by the United States Patent Office in 1911.

Do Murphy Beds pose some kind of danger?

Murphy beds have been known to jump up into the wall and murder the people who are sleeping in them, according to verified incidents. However, falling out of a normal bed is considerably more likely to result in death than being mauled to death by a Murphy bed, according to an iconic post by Kim Kardashian West, which cited CDC data and stated that 737 Americans die every year from collapsing. Murphy beds right now are already equipped with locking mechanisms that are more efficient than the old ones, so that you will no longer have to worry about folding you into two in the middle of the night, however, you still have to be a bit cautious in the morning when getting out of bed.

Do Murphey Beds Provide Comfort The Same Way as Standard Beds?

They most certainly can be as typically, a Murphy bed’s level of comfort is determined by the mattress. There are several alternatives that enable you to buy the mattress as well as Murphy bed separately, allowing you to customize your purchase to your body shape and sleeping style.”

What information do I need to know while selecting a Murphy bed?

To begin, it is critical to constantly measure your area to verify that your Murphy bed will fit. “Frequently, customers focus on the height and breadth of the Murphy bed whenever it is stowed away but overlook the proportions when it is unfurled for usage,” Battista explains.

Additionally, take into account the two primary forms of Murphy beds: wall-mounted and unsupported. As their names indicate, wall-mounted Murphy beds require anchoring into the wall (and potentially the floor), necessitating a little more craftsmanship during installation than freestanding Murphy beds do. While the former is slightly more robust, the latter is more suited to individuals who live in less permanent arrangements, such as renters.

Perks of Buying a Murphy Bed

Even though Murphy beds had already declined in popularity in the last few years, they continue to provide a number of advantages. The following section discusses many of the key advantages of murphy beds.

When not in use, murphy beds conserve space, are multipurpose, may be utilized as guest beds, and can be disguised as a standard wall, storage box, or closet.

Perk #1 – Murphy Beds are great space savers

As previously said, a standard murphy bed’s principal function is to conserve space in tiny flats or bedrooms. If you have a small room, a murphy bed can help you create additional space throughout the day or during times when the bed is not in use. Additionally, because Murphy beds are only utilized when necessary, they may give the idea of a larger, brighter bedroom. Murphy beds are very popular in compact houses and travel trailers.

Perk #2 – Murphy Beds have multifunctional features

In general, as previously said, the major function of a normal murphy bed is to conserve space in tiny flats and bedrooms. Using a Murphy bed to free up room throughout the day or while the bed is not in use might be beneficial if you have a limited amount of available space. Murphy beds may also provide the impression of a larger and brighter space because they are only pulled out when needed. A popular alternative for compact houses and campers, Murphy beds are also available.

Perk #3 – Whenever it is not in use, Murphy beds may be disguised as a normal wall, storage facility, or closet to save space.

When rolled up against a wall, murphy beds have the appearance of a typical wall, storage box, or closet, which is something that many people find appealing. This is crucial since the general appearance of your bedroom has an impact on how relaxed you will experience while in it. When the murphy bed is folded against the wall, the section of the bed that is visible can be used as a decorative element. For example, you might arrange some books, portraits, or decorative things on shelves, or you could paint the base in colors that coordinate with your bedroom interior design. You may also add some lighting on the bed in order to create an even more aesthetically attractive look.

And with as little as $280, you can transform any mattress into a murphy bed, allowing you to conserve valuable floor space in your home.

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