Agent Inc App For The Modeling Industry

Agent Inc App For The Modeling Industry
Agent Inc App For The Modeling Industry

Model Alison Pelletier had a personal nightmare shoot and audition encounters which inspired her to team up with Mark Willingham to partner with Agent Inc, a new app that has already signed up over 5,000 models and agents sharing gig experiences with designers and photographers, review the conditions they encounter during photo shoots, and fight back against many forms of misconduct.

In fashion, the talent are often taken advantage of-subjected to late pay, bullying, racism, and unwanted sexual advances or even rape. Models are also often very young and therefore quite susceptible to such abuses. Available on iOS and iTunes, Agent Inc. has renovated the model-booking process by adding a much-needed layer of transparency and protection. The app, for example, conducts criminal background and sex offender checks on all of its users. Featured in Fast Company, Life&Style, Bloomberg, Entertainment Tonight and People Magazine, Alison and Mark are re-imagining model bookings.

Mark Willingham previously was the President of Operations for high-fashion brand Carmen Steffens, and is working hand in hand with Alison to protect models and end the abuses and mistreatment that has plagued an industry, while giving control of the career back to the model. Top models using the new platform are also available for an interview to share their unique experiences with Agent Inc and the modeling industry. This innovative platform is a professional tool for both models and companies to use to work together with 100% transparency and protection.  

Agent Inc App For The Modeling IndustryAgent Inc empower models to grow and manage their career, while providing companies with an easy way to search for models using granular filters. Agent Inc perfectly matches models with brands and jobs and innovations include:

  • Agent is the only booking app that completes criminal background and sex offender checks on users to ensure safety.
  • 24 hour full support for any issues that may arise for models on shoots
  • Streamlines the model searching, booking and scheduling process
  • Secure and immediate payment. Get paid on time.
  • Ratings and reviews on models and companies promote a transparent and safe platform much like Uber.

Agent Inc app has the potential to expand the modeling industry and increase booking efficiency without the hassle of agents or contracts.  For the modern and independent model, photographer, makeup artist or stylist, or companies looking to streamline campaigns, Agent Inc. is the new booking platform.


Jacqueline Maddison
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