African Style by Aitsegame Lu

African Style by Aitsegame Lu
African Style by Aitsegame Lu

Aitsegame Lu, a Nigerian born fashion designer announced her freshly relevant fashion collections for those enjoying the pursuit of all things posh in 2014. Cultural divisions are made narrow by diverse influences meticulously designed for fashion conscious people. Scissors cut deep into the minds of luxury garment seekers by way of rich fabrics. Unions of unconventional patterns, style, and unlikely textures swirl and drape into natural forms of sophistication.

-In-Style-Magazine-African-Styles-Aitsegame-Lu-Fashion-Designer-African-Style-Beverly-Hills-Magazine-Fashion-Blogs-Style-Blogs-3Aitsegame Lu’s 2014 ensembles create unwavering confidence on individuals genius enough to adorn fashion forward clothing that embodies true African style traditions and beauty. Whether destined for warm summer breezes of South of France or brisk fall evenings in Napa Valley those lines pair exceptionally well. For those seeking unique design and styles that embody true African culture that reminds them of their roots, bringing tradition back to the fashion world through elegant African style by Aitsegame Lu.

Discover the approval of style with Aitsegame Lu’s fans; over 2,000 likes on Facebook cannot be wrong…Like us here. Visit e-commerce online for modern Afrocentric and Western wears as well as authentic African native in classic form.

About Aitsegame Lu
Aitsegame Lu introduces show stopping creations that are bold and beautiful. The desire to have people feel more poised inspires each signature collection. Presenting fashions that redefine what is vogue are illustrated each season.  

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