Addiction Begone: An 8-Step Guide on How To Choose a Sober Living Home

Addiction Begone: An 8-Step Guide on How To Choose a Sober Living Home #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #soberlivinghome #addictionrecovery #journeytosobriety
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For those who are on the path to addiction recovery, choosing the right sober living home is essential. Ideally, these homes provide a supportive environment for transitioning back into daily life. To find the best fit for you, keep the following eight steps in mind.

1) Location and Atmosphere

First of all, consider the locations of the sober living homes you’re looking into and the atmospheres they exude. Decide whether you want a quiet, secluded space or a more urban setting. It may be a good idea to choose one in an area that resembles where you plan to live after leaving the sober living home.

Consider the atmosphere in the home and whether it dovetails with your lifestyle and preferences as well. Perhaps you’d prefer a gay friendly sober living environment or a home in an area with diverse job opportunities so you can stay within the area later on. Think about what you’d look for in a conventional community, and try to find a sober living home that coincides with those needs and expectations.

2) Licensing and Accreditation

Check the accreditation and licensing of the sober living home as well. Accredited facilities hold fast to specific regulations and standards. That tends to ensure a higher quality of care. Verify the home’s licenses and certifications to guarantee it meets the criteria for providing the comprehensive support and care you need.

3) Available Services and Programs

Look into the services and programs the sober living home offers too. Different homes offer various options for residents. Those may include individual and group therapy, vocational education, life skills training, and many other possibilities. Be sure the home you’re considering offers programs and services that are tailored to your goals.

4) Staff Qualifications

Be sure to assess the qualifications of staff members in the home. Trained and experienced staff members will be essential to your recovery and transition to normal life. Make sure the home offers licensed therapists, counselors, and medical professionals who are fully capable of addressing all your needs.

5) Understand House Rules

It’s important to understand which house rules are in place and the daily structure of life in a sober living home as well. Ask about the home’s policies on curfews, chores, visitors, drug testing, and other matters. Clearly defined rules and a structured living environment can help keep you accountable and further foster your recovery.

6) Internal Support and Interaction

Take a look at the sense of community within sober living homes. Do residents routinely interact with each other? Are residents understanding and supportive of each other’s needs? Are staff members compassionate about the requirements of residents? Those elements can help you in your journey to sobriety.

7) Financial Considerations

Of course, cost will factor into the equation as well. Find out how much the sober living homes you’re looking at cost, and be sure they fall within your budget. Determine whether your insurance will cover any of the expenses involved. Financial assistance may also be available to help make sober living homes more affordable.

8) Aftercare and Transition Planning

Ask about available aftercare and transition planning options too. You’ll need personalized follow-up care after leaving the sober living home, such as ongoing therapy, support groups, and other resources in the community. Help with creating a plan for transitioning back to independent living will be crucial as well.

Forging Ahead on the Path to Recovery

Several sober living homes are available, but not all of them are created equally. Conduct plenty of research into the options available to you. Choose one in a suitable location that offers the atmosphere you’re looking for.

Check the home’s licensing and accreditation as well as staff members’ credentials. Find a home that offers the services, programs, and aftercare you need to foster your recovery and your transition back to everyday life. Know the house rules before committing, and be sure the sober living home you choose falls in line with your financial needs.

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