A Quick Guide to Styling Chunky Jewelry

A Quick Guide to Styling Chunky Jewelry #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #chunkynecklaces #fashionabletips #chunkyrings
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The average person has at least 365 opportunities each year to bedazzle anyone who comes their way. Even more, if they change midday.

A great outfit can boost confidence, ace an interview, land an interview, and much more!

That said, what makes an outfit “great?”

Several factors contribute to this outcome like composition, color, and jewelry. Jewelry varies so much that it can steal the show on its own! Chunky jewelry especially strikes out on a limb.

Styling chunky jewelry might seem daunting, but this article explores how we can use its boldness to our advantage. Keep reading so you don’t lose out on this “chunk” of knowledge!

What to Wear With Chunky Jewelry

We can wear chunky jewelry with just about any top: from casual T-shirts to fancy dresses. Jewelry and tees elevate an otherwise plain combination, while jewelry and dresses tie everything together.

Consider the neckline, too! Chunky necklaces should match your neckline shape. Wear rounder necklaces with crewnecks and V-shaped ones with V-necks or plunging necklines.

Additionally, take advantage of layers. You might want to wear several chunky necklaces, bracelets, and/or rings. Go for it!

These pieces add volume, depth, and pattern, an excellent recipe to stand out. Check out these viking necklaces for some unique options!

When Less is More

Sometimes, we need a more subdued look or style. Professional, somber, or religious settings might require a stricter dress code. Less often becomes more in these places, but what does that look like?

Wear one type of chunky jewelry

This means you should avoid mixing and matching chunky rings and chunky necklaces, chunky bracelets and chunky earrings. Decide to wear either chunky rings or chunky necklaces. This way, you emphasize a single piece (or set of pieces).

Stick to a color scheme

Wear 3 different colors (or shades of color), maximum. Color schemes simplify and streamline outfits. They operate similarly to your single piece/set. Utilize color theory to your advantage so you can make any chunky jewelry pop.

Minimize patterns

Patterns can also help direct the eye to a focal point/your chunky jewelry. Opt for a more timeless, simple pattern like stripes to achieve this effect. Too many different patterns can clash, then detract from your overall outfit.

Other Tips for Styling Chunky Jewelry

We can utilize other styling tips for chunky jewelry like Gestalt’s principles. They explain how our brains perceive individual elements as a whole. Use these principles to make your jewelry create something bigger than itself.

The rule of thirds tells us about placement. It shows us where we should put certain items so we can attract more attention. Jewelry or other accent pieces situated in these spots appear the most appealing.

Chunky Jewelry Styling

Overall, styling chunky jewelry overlaps with most other styling/fashion advice. It simply adds more character or statement to your outfit. You can easily find a piece that suits you.

Find this article interesting? Then check out our site for more fashionable tips! You’ll be sure to gain “chunks” of information.

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