A Man’s Guide: How to Dress in Summer

A Man’s Guide: How to Dress in Summer #men's summer fashion
A Man’s Guide: How to Dress in Summer #men's summer fashion

Everyone loves summer, you get to go out, and the weather is lovely. However, hot weather requires you to do more with less. Unlike winter, fall, or spring, temperatures in summer get high, so you want to wear outfits that are comfortable and still look sharp. Here are a few tips to help you create great looks with these must-have essentials, possibly layering clothes without ending up as a sweaty mess. (Image Credit: Tania Mousinho/Unsplash)

What to add to the closet

Before you decide what pieces you want to add to your wardrobe, first pick a style, it can be casual or formal. If you need to dress formally during this hot weather, go for smart-casual looks.

The T-shirt

This summer staple is loved for its versatility and casual look. A t-shirt is appropriate for any occasion from working out to hanging out on the beach and can even be paired with a sportscoat. What’s great about a tee is that they come in all colors and varying designs. To stand out and showcase your style, try using an online t-shirt maker to design your custom tee. You can even use online studios to create shirts for your buddies, special occasions, or incorporate favorite quotes.


These pair quite well with a tee, a polo, or even a long-sleeved shirt. You want to get either linen, a linen blend, or a cotton pair of shorts. You can switch up the standard khaki shorts for some solid colors.


Switch from boots to sneakers and loafers. You can go for white or black sneakers or tan loafers. These shoes will pair well with shorts or trousers. Also, don’t be afraid to wear sandals. They are comfortable and will keep your feet airy.

Get the right colors and fabrics for summer

Summer is the best time to wear colors, but the clothing needs to be lighter and brighter to ensure you stay cool in the heat. Go for lighter colors such as white, neutrals, or pastels as they reflect the most light, thus keeping you cool. They can also serve as base colors for your outfit since they go well with everything. Start by adding pops of color to your outfit through smaller outfit details such as sunglasses, pocket squares, watch straps, and so on.

Get the right fit

Even if you get light, brightly colored clothes, the tighter your clothes are, the hotter you will feel. This is because there is no air flowing to help keep you cool. Summer style clothing calls for loose fits. You can opt for pieces with roomier cuts or go a size up so you can give your skin some room to breathe.

With these tips, you have a rough idea about what fabrics, colors, and pieces you can wear. Meaning you can dress well regardless of the season if you are strategic about what you wear. This way, you get to look good and stay cool in the hot summer sun.

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