A Guide To Servicing High-Value, High-Priority Luxury Clients

A Guide To Servicing High-Value, High-Priority Luxury Clients #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #luxuryclients #luxuryhospitality #complimentaryservices
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A business that seeks to reward and retain its most valued clients will enjoy lifelong relationships with such an audience. This can be tremendously rewarding for both parties, but can also teach you a great deal about cordial networking, when to invest in the right connections, and how to deliver value with nothing but care.

Yet it can also be that some businesses tend to overplay their position, and fall into the performative treatment of such clients if they’re not careful. To begin with, your firm must view these people as they are – people, with worthwhile expectations and a need for consistency. The more you view them as a potential resource to draw from, they will feel that, and it will cause them to use services where the surroundings are more pleasant and natural.

Those with great means and discerning taste tend to grace any firm with their ability to sniff out value, and as such, holding and respecting these clients can be a great indicator of how well you run your firm. So – let’s consider how to appropriately service them to bear fruitful relationships as time goes on:

Private Meeting Spaces & Transport

Luxury clients tend to wish for one-on-one candid communication, to discuss their needs or their accounts. This can be provided via comfortable private meeting suites with refreshments on display, and personal transport you arrange to help pick up said clients from the airport or to help them find your premises more readily. Investing in your premises, especially where privacy is concerned and the accessibility of your building, the latter being arranged and maintained by a UK lift company, is utterly justifiable.

One Point Of Contact

It can be tremendously useful to have one trusted point of contact, serving as a personal manager and a brand ambassador, to service a client. When a client can build a relationship with someone they trust at your firm, they may be keen to keep that going, and will be able to have all of their preferences and services remembered more easily. This isn’t to say you can’t use substitutes, but think of a particular driver being used with a given client who respects them – your front person can help bring the luxury client where they need to go, in most literal and metaphorical service implications of the word.

Complimentary Servicing

In some cases, it can be customary to offer complimentary services to those we’re taking care of. For example, if a client is coming to purchase a great volume of items for their company, or if you’re involved in luxury hospitality, comping their meals or transport may be a good way to both provide them a pleasant experience thanks to all the other value they bring you, while also ensuring they feel most aligned with your service. The gesture doesn’t have to be this grand however, a free bottle of wine or even a small token of appreciation like a Christmas card can be a genuinely lovely thought to offer.

With this advice, you’re sure to maturely and professional handle even the most coveted clients possible.

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