9 Travel Industry Trends in 2017

9 Travel Industry Trends in 2017
9 Travel Industry Trends in 2017

Travel industry is developing and every year it surprises the tourists with new services and opportunities. Technology has influenced the industry in many positive ways and we’re about to see new advancements in the current year. The boom in food tourism and the increase of women traveling solo are just several trends we should expect in 2017. Here is a more extensive list.

Travel bots

Last year, many airlines and hotel chains introduced messaging bots on their platforms. It was a kind of experience and it turned out to be successful. It is expected, that 2017 will see even more bots processing customers’ questions and anticipating the travel-related answers.

Millennial travelers

Millennials are active tourists and travelers. Today, they make the largest market in the industry. That is why all advancements the industry experiences are aimed to satisfy their needs. Millennials want to find new destinations and book their trips online. This is the most convenient and usual way of doing things for them. They are also can be named the main trendsetters since the travel industry adjusts to their lifestyle.

9 Travel Industry Trends in 2017

Active trips

People want more adventures, so chilling out at the beach is too boring for them. According to the experts, the most popular activities will be safari, hiking, and cycling. Women dominate in the market share for adventure travel.

Solo trips

More and more women are setting out for a solo trip. They are not afraid of any stereotypes, they just follow their hearts. Contrary to a common belief, they don’t stay at luxurious hotels – they look for adventure. Travel companies grasped this trend, so they create special programs for solo female travelers.


You don’t have to worry about losing keys from your hotel room as the technology has something more elaborate for you. At some hotels, you can already access your room using fingerprint or retina scan.

Another trend in the hotel industry is a farm-to-table experience. Some world-class hotels don’t buy vegetables and fruit for preparing meals from suppliers but grow them in their roof-top gardens.

New comfortable planes

Flying in the new upgraded planes, passengers will not have discomfort after crossing the time zone. Tiredness, loss of appetite, insomnia, headache, and other symptoms of jet-lag will be less felt. This is thanks to the adjustable lighting system. If a person thinks it must be midnight but the cabin is full of the sunrise colors, their organism adapts to a new time zone quicker.

9 Travel Industry Trends in 2017

Anti-being-late system

Many of us have a bad habit of being late constantly. Taking into account the number of passengers who miss their flights, airlines decided to take measures. Starting from this April, Heathrow airport will make use of technology to prevent passengers from being late for flights. The passenger profiling system will analyze your travel information, including your nationality, cabin class, and luggage type. People who have a high risk of being late will be immediately provided with a bus that will take them straight to the plane or will be placed onto a later flight.

Virtual reality tours

Traveling back in time is now possible thanks to the technology. Virtual reality tours have become a new trend in the industry. For example, you don’t have to stretch your imagination to picture the ancient Roman city of Pompeii. All you need to do is to wear a VR headset during your guided tour.

Drone photography

In conclusion, we want to capture every moment of our trip and very often get too focused on taking photos. There is a new trend that will allow you to leave the phone or camera in your bag and enjoy your holiday. Have your holiday filmed by a drone camera. It’s an expensive service but you’ll be able to see your travel experience from a different perspective.

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