8 Things To Look For In A Business Briefcase

8 Things To Look For In A Business Briefcase #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #bevhillsmag #businessbriefcases #qualitybriefcase #leatherbriefcase

When the time comes for you to buy a quality business briefcase, you can expect the price tag to be higher than usual. After all, a cheap option won’t be able to give you all the features and functionalities you need. For example, when you’re a startup and learning how to get an LLC registered, you are required to carry lots of documents with you. Hence, you need a briefcase that gets through with much ease.

In buying a business briefcase, you have to take various factors into consideration in order to find the right one. Aside from the appearance and feel, the comfort of using it and the available compartments for your items matter as well. It’s advisable to go for pieces like the Executive Leather Briefcase from Von Baer, although the final decision would ultimately depend on your needs and preferences. 

Finding the ideal business briefcase will require you to check all the qualities your options have so you’ll end up with the best one in terms of functionality and quality. Here are several things to look for when purchasing a business briefcase:

8 Things To Look For In A Business Briefcase #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #bevhillsmag #businessbriefcases #qualitybriefcase #leatherbriefcase
Image credit: Executive Leather Briefcase from Von Baer
  • Quality Of The Leather

It’s best to look for a business briefcase made of top-quality leather. Remember that quality leather improves over time. It should still look great even after years of use. Over time, leather changes color and forms an attractive patina. Genuine leather is flexible, durable, and aesthetically pleasing, with a scent associated with rugged masculinity.

Steer clear of any briefcase made of fake leather. You’ll end up purchasing another once you discover that it wears down quickly, which will cost more in the long run than investing in a high-quality option.

  • Price 

Getting a briefcase that can stand the test of time and stay functional is an excellent investment. An inexpensive option might seem like a good idea, but you’ll likely need to replace it soon due to its short life span.

If you go for a more expensive option, its durability will allow you to save money over time. However, see to it that you turn to a trusted brand so you can be sure that spending a lot on the product will be worth it.

  • Materials Used To Make The Briefcase

What the briefcase is made of affects not only its price but also its appearance and durability.

The handle, locks, zippers, shoulder strap fittings, metallic rings, and buckles endure wear and tear conditions daily and are most likely to deteriorate first in the long run. With this in mind, you should carefully scrutinize the materials. This’ll require you to inspect the details of the bag inside and out.

If you’re buying online, zoom into the product photos and observe the quality of the fittings. Generally, these spare parts can be costly, but if the bag is well made and you take care of it properly, you won’t have to worry about replacements or repairs for a long time.

8 Things To Look For In A Business Briefcase #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #bevhillsmag #businessbriefcases #qualitybriefcase #leatherbriefcase
Image Credit: Susanne Westphal/Pixabay
  • Size And Weight

Take note that the bigger option isn’t always better when it comes to briefcases. Unless your work requires it, you don’t want to bring along a large, heavy bag. Depending on your circumstances, the following are the ideal dimensions for a briefcase: 

  • Width of 15-16.5 inches 
  • Depth of 4-6 inches
  • Height of 11-13 inches

You can add or subtract a few inches according to how many items you usually have to put in your bag.

  • Color 

When selecting a business briefcase, the standard colors for men are black, brown, and tan. When working in a corporate environment, black and dark brown are suitable options since they exude a sense of authority and power.

Lighter colors such as tan are suitable for when the working environment is informal and relaxed. Additionally, the color of your briefcase doesn’t need to match your shoes and belt. You can go for a dark brown briefcase with a tan belt and shoes.

  • Style

Depending on your occupation, you can choose from an attaché, soft-sided, or hard-sided briefcase.

An attaché case made of luxurious leather might be a good choice for an accountant or attorney. A messenger-style leather briefcase works best for informal work environments and holiday trips. As for the hard-sided and soft-sided versions, there are distinct differences between them you should look into.

  • Hard-sided: It boasts a lightweight, sturdy framework of sturdy aluminum, cardboard, or plastic. It rests on its side with a handle but doesn’t include shoulder straps. It has dividers and folders to keep items organized.
  • Attaché cases: This is similar to a briefcase but has a smaller and slimmer profile, making it compact and more formal than a conventional briefcase. It has a simple interior with a few folders and pockets.
  • Soft-sided: Its distinct feature is a lack of structure at the top of the bag. It opens from the top to allow you to store a laptop and documents easily. Most often, it has a handle and a detachable shoulder strap.
  • Available Space Or Compartments 

Their slim and compact silhouette is what makes briefcases stand out and perfect for men who love to combine fashion and function. The interiors of a briefcase often have flexible and spacious compartments to accommodate a laptop and other essentials.

One of the chief considerations when searching for a briefcase is what you’ll store inside it. Make it a priority to choose one with enough compartments to ensure the proper organization of your belongings, especially if you have many items to bring. For those who travel frequently, a helpful feature is a compartment that provides quick access to your mobile phone, boarding pass, keys, or wallet.

  • Durability 

When assessing the durability of a briefcase, you should check for these indications of quality and artistry:

  • The stitching must be even, straight, small, and without any loose threads. Inspect the interior and exterior surfaces for consistent stitching. The vulnerable sections of the bag should have reinforced stitching for extra protection.
  • Metal zippers are better than their plastic counterparts. Make sure to open and close the zipper a few times to ensure a smooth closure.
  • The handles should fit securely to the briefcase with metal attachments or reinforced stitches. If the handle attaches to the bag’s exterior via glue, it’s likely to become loose after it’s been used for a long time.
  • Check the hinges if you’re planning to get a hard-sided briefcase. They must be sturdy and without any indications of rusting.
  • The edges of the case are the areas where the leather is prone to peeling or splitting, so be mindful of those, too.
8 Things To Look For In A Business Briefcase #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #bevhillsmag #businessbriefcases #qualitybriefcase #leatherbriefcase
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It can certainly be challenging to find the briefcase that best fits your needs due to the number of choices available today. But if you want something that’s functional and can last for years, you should be extra careful during the selection process and focus on quality above all else. That way, you can save on costs in the long run and maximize the use of the briefcase you’ve invested in.

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