8 Easy Steps To Prepare Your Car For Shipping

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You are moving to another country for reason(s) such as vacation, new job, family, or retirement. Then you have decided to move your car as well either for convenience or necessity. This might be a little confusing and overwhelming but with the right shipping company, the task might become easy beyond your belief.

Assuming you have decided on how you want your car shipped and the shipping company you want to employ. Then the next thing to do is prepare your car. You don’t just call on auto transporters after you have decided to ship your car.

This article will reveal to you the necessary steps you need to take to prepare your car for shipment overseas. 

Gather The Important Documents

To prevent unnecessary headaches, delays, and the last-minute search through your file cabinet, you need to make available some documents. Shipping companies want to be sure that the car you want to ship is yours and without the necessary paperwork, that is impossible. 

Prepare these documents and other paperwork requested by your shipping company. 

  • Proof of vehicle insurance
  • Car registration information
  • Passport or driver’s license
  • The vehicle’s bill of sale or any other proof that the car is yours
  • Your car’s original title

You may be required to provide other paperwork requirements such as taxes and import duties especially if you are shipping overseas.

Wash Your Vehicle

This might be against conventional intuition. You may be thinking you might not need to clean your vehicle because it might eventually become dirty again during transit. However, cleaning your car is one of the most important steps to take before shipping your car.

It is very crucial because it helps you to know the physical condition of your vehicle. You can see and record existing scratches and this will help you to notice any new damage that might happen to it during shipment.

Ensure you wash both the interior and body of your car, this can additionally allow you to start a new life with a clean new-looking car.

Record Existing Damages

As soon as you are done cleaning your car, inspect your car, and take records of existing damages such as discoloration, scratches, breaks, and bends. 

Although, it doesn’t often happen that harm will happen to your car during shipment no matter the shipping method you chose but you can’t be too careful. 

Take clear pictures of your car as this helps you compare the condition of your car before and after shipment. This vehicle shipping condition report is proof to support your claim if your car is damaged especially when the shipping company denies responsibility. 

Remove Personal Things

It is important to remove all belongings and this is because shipping companies only cover insurance on your car and not the items left in them. In any case of theft or damage to these items, you will be responsible for them.

Also, shipping companies can be fined for transporting personal items in your car. Such items include GPS devices, chargers, sunglasses, water bottles, insurance information, and other personal documents.

Remove items outside your car such as antennas, racks, custom spoilers, etc. Fold your mirrors to avoid damage. Furthermore, remove toll tags and as these may warrant charges as your car is being shipped thereby increasing your costs.

However, you must leave items such as car jack, spare tire, emergency kit, and license plate. These items can be useful to shipping experts on rare occasions of unforeseen break down during transportation. 

Be Up To Date On Your Car Maintenance 

Ensuring your vehicle is in great working condition will help its shipment go on as expected. You will need to resolve all upkeep issues and do all needed repairs before calling on a shipping company for pickup.

Check if your car tires are adequately inflated (neither too much nor less), ensure your car battery is fully charged, and be certain the brake is intact.

Furthermore, check the fluids (oil, washer, coolant, and power steering). Top all that is not enough and fix all leaks. 

In a situation where your car is not functional, make sure to inform the shipping company and you may have to pay more to move your car on and off the carrier. 

Fill Up Your Gas Tank Quarterly Full

Note that your car will be transported using a carrier and not driven hence it is not significant to keep your gas tank full. However, usually, the tank is filled only until it is a quarter full. 

This is to ascertain that there is enough fuel to drive your car on and off the shipping truck and to take it to your new home after it arrives in the new state or country.

Lock Up And Give Keys

To properly secure your car, you need to lock up or ensure it is done for you once it is mounted on the carrier. However, you need to give the car keys to the shipping company especially if your car is operable. This helps to move your car on and off the carrier.

It is important you have spare keys with you, now is a good time to make more copies if you only have one. 

Sign The Bill Of Lading

The final step to take is to sign the bill of lading. Except in the case you choose to drive your car to the port, the shipping company will contact you if you are at home or any delegated adult. 

On getting to your home, the car is inspected by the shipping company and the bill of lading is presented to you for signing. In this paperwork, there are the locations of departure and arrival of your car, physical condition of your vehicle, mechanical issues of your vehicle and the contract of the shipping process.

This bill of lading serves the purposes of both legal protection and receipt of the shipment. Ensure that you read through and ask necessary questions before signing.

Your Car Is Ready To Be Shipped

If you follow the above discussed steps accordingly, it is certain that you won’t have any issue as regards the preparation of your car for shipment.

Once you sign the bill of lading and your car is taken away, then you may set off on your journey to the new country and wait for the delivery of your car without any worry.

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