7 Ways To Decorate Your Wedding With A Gold Color Scheme

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Gold is a color that will always be in style, and it’s often associated with luxury and elegance. For this reason, it’s no wonder that so many brides choose it as the main color for their wedding day. Whether you are looking to create an elegant, traditional wedding or something more modern and chic, there are many ways to incorporate this color into your big day. If you’re looking for some tips and inspirational ideas, this article lists 7 clever ways to decorate your wedding with a gold color scheme.

The Seating

Golden chairs are a great idea for people to sit on and you can also find golden wedding chair covers very easily online. If there are two chairs at the front for the happy couple to sit on during the service, you can go all-out and create throne-like golden seating.

As regards the chairs (and many other aspects of the wedding too) it’s often possible to get what you need from hire companies. If you’re interested in hiring gold Chanel chairs you can get them complete with cushions from specialist suppliers. There may well be delivery and collection options for your geographical area, so go online and view the photos and prices, and make online inquiries.

The Table Items

It’s traditional for the head table to be decorated in gold at weddings. Consider using gold-colored napkins for your reception dinner and also golden tableware (tablecloths and plates). Use gold flowers (especially roses) in the centerpieces or as accent pieces around the tables.

Consider serving desserts that are either frosted in chocolate or sprinkled with powdered sugar – these two items will provide you with ample opportunities for incorporating more shades of gold into your event’s decorating scheme.

The Stationery

Add gold accents by using gold color ribbon on the wedding invitations and place cards. The same thing applies to other wedding materials including the ‘save the date’ and ‘thank you cards.

Use a gold pen to write out all your wedding invitations so they match the theme. Whilst the ink color will look amazing, it won’t break the bank to buy the pens!

The Cake Table

Use gold ribbon and bows to decorate the cake table and wrap the cake in metallic foil for an extra layer of shine.

You could add a golden cake topper or a gold-painted wooden figurine as a cake topper to complete the appearance.

The Bride And Groom

Selecting a dress or suit in a metallic color will give your look that extra sparkle. Also, consider wearing a gold watch with gold cufflinks for the man and some golden jewelry for the woman. Ladies: add golden accents to your bouquet with ribbons and flowers.

Also, place gold sequins on the bridesmaids’ dresses to add a touch of shimmer and to provide an element of uniformity.

The Inside Area

Include a golden vase with flowers to decorate the altar at your ceremony. For an elegant ambiance at your reception, try using candles that have been dipped in gold wax or scented candles that are made from fragrances like vanilla and cinnamon. They will pair well with the metallic sheen of this precious metal.

Hang gold ornaments from the ceiling as decoration and consider creating a monogram or other design in gold paint on the dance floor. Add some glittery metallic confetti to make it look like there are stars all around you when you walk into the room and give each guest a small bag filled with golden confetti as they leave at the end of your reception.

A golden heart-shaped favor box filled with treats for guests would also be great. Why not invest in a custom monogrammed “Mr” or “Mrs” sign made out of gold metal? It can be hung on the wall after the honeymoon is over, as a monument to the happy day.

The Outside Area

Hang up golden lanterns outside during nighttime so that they light up your venue. This will encourage the guests to go outside and get some fresh air and stretch their legs. You could also position golden strips of tinsel strategically around the place. When people take impromptu photos it will help maintain the golden theme in the background.

These have been 7 key areas you need to think about, with a host of different suggestions. Obviously, you don’t need to make everything golden, and things like lighting and complementary colors can be just as effective for the overall look. Why not get creative right now and help make the wedding of a lifetime?

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