7 Must-Know Stylish Groom Suit Ideas

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What comes to mind when you hear the phrase wedding fashion? More often than not, the first thing you think about is the latest bridal trends. Why is it so? Because of the perception that a wedding is a woman’s thing, and her gown should stand out. Unfortunately, it’s a wrong assumption because even a man wants to rock a stylish tailored groom suit on their wedding day.

However, finding a stylish yet classy groom suit can be daunting. In this post, we have listed several fashion ideas for grooms. So if you’re planning to wed soon, and want to learn more about the latest groomsmen trends, read on!

1. Light Linen Suit

A linen suit will make a perfect fit if you’re hosting your wedding during spring or summer. The fabric is light and comfortable, plus it will make you look fabulous. Linen also pairs well with outdoor wedding setups like a backyard or beach. Besides that, linen offers you a neutral shade and versatility that pairs with multiple accessories such as a black tie or loafers

2. Brocade Suit Jackets

Brocade suits are among the currently trending groomsmen outfits. Besides being stylish, they feature a fabric weave that enables embellishment using metallic thread. Also, the dapper groom can add patterns such as paisley to bring out a unique accent. If you are a man who likes fashion and always looking to stand out, this type of groom suit will help you be distinct and add some pop.

3. Blue Groom Suit

Navy blue has been a prominent suit colour in weddings for decades. But even now, the suit remains a favourite choice for grooms and groomsmen. The reason is that it brings out an element of class, elegance, and timelessness. 

If you feel navy blue is too familiar, go for a slightly brighter blue shade. This shade pops out more and will make you feel younger and fun-loving. Again, the colour blends well with most wedding colours, primarily neutral and bright.

4. Gray Suit

A Gray suit is another timeless option you can explore. Even after being a to-go suit option for decades, the grey suit will still give a fresh modern look. You can also personalise it with different shirt colours, ties, shoes, socks, and glasses to elevate your look.

5. Mix and Match Suit

It’s rare to spot groomsmen wearing mix and match suits. But at your wedding, you can choose to be different. Just ask your groomsmen to dress in other coloured suits, but accessories with matching pocket squares and ties. It’s good to maintain cohesion by opting for the same family colour. Alternatively, you and your boys can go wild on the colour! 

6. Checked Wedding Suits

Another fun way to stand out at your wedding is to wear a checked suit. It brings out a casual, self-assured, and rustic wedding vibe. Too, the checked pattern can vary from thickness to type of fabric, which gives you the option to choose from linen to cotton. Thanks to this versatility, you can get checked suits for your wedding regardless of the location. If you feel the whole checked outfit is too much, you can break it up by opting for plain pants.

7. Bright Colored Suit Coat

As the groom, never fear experimenting. Instead of wearing a complete suit, you can break it with a light jacket. Even though doing so will steer away from the conventional wedding fashion styles, a light coat brings another stylish vibe. Also, the number of shades available guarantees you can never lack a perfect shade to pair with your pants.  

Bonus: Opt for a Bowtie

As the groom, it’s good to stand out from your groomsmen. You don’t have to match everything. You can intentionally opt for a bowtie while your groomsmen wear ties. Plus, you can pick a different colour for your bow tie and pocket square. The two matching accessories will enable wedding guests to differentiate you from groomsmen. 

For grooms to be, they should not worry about their wedding attire. The above-listed suit ideas are examples of wedding suits men can wear. You can also personalise your groom’s suit by wearing funky socks, suspenders, or hats. Therefore, you can choose whatever you want, because you will still look dapper regardless of your choice!

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