7 Hairstyle Inspos For The Special Engagement Day

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When it comes to wedding hairstyles for the big day, the options are practically unlimited. There are a bunch of ideas to experiment with your looks and hairstyle. You can try different wedding hairstyles including buns, braids, twists, and ponytails. Honestly, looking extraordinary is never as overwhelming as on this day.

Are you feeling daunted by the sheer number of bridal hairdo options?

We can’t say we blame you. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our top engagement hairstyles to help you narrow down your options.

Fortunately, your new engagement rings will not be the only thing to spark attention and curiosity. However, these stunning moissanite engagement rings are definitely worth inviting on the engagement day. But before you pick any hairstyle, here are some things to keep in mind if you pick a wedding hairdo.

Things To Keep In Mind While Deciding Your Wedding Hairdo

Are you throwing a black-tie event in December?

A classic topknot or soft curls could be the ideal look. A more casual bridal hairdo can be appropriate for an outdoor barn wedding. There are a few things to keep in mind while deciding on your dream wedding hairdo,

What’s the first thing?

“We always recommend choosing your outfit before deciding on your hairstyle. Also, try not to be too set in your ways at first, since they may have options that you haven’t considered, and be open to stylist suggestions.”

Sometimes the hairstyle you had in mind doesn’t work out. Try the one you had in mind, but also allow the stylist to contribute their own unique ideas and try something new.

Hairstyle Inspos Ideas

Here are the seven hairstyle inspos for the engagement day –

       1. Messy Updo With Loose Curls

Choose a slightly loosened bun with some wispy, face-framing pieces for a more relaxed look. Add some flowers to your wedding updo to give it that extra romantic touch.

       2. Sleek And Simple Ponytails

Try a simple ponytail for an even easier look that still looks great. Begin by straightening your hair so you can work with straight, lustrous, frizz-free hair. After that, pull your hair back into a ponytail. If you have flyaways, try brushing them away with a boar bristle brush! They tend to catch all of the stray hairs and aid in the smoothing of your hair.

       3. Festive Half Updo

Put on your best holiday gown and finish your look with a chic spin on the half-up hairdo if you and your loved one are going to a festive dinner or holiday party and you believe they could pop the question on the dance floor or at the dinner table. Check now this basic twisted half-up guide for the exact effect.

        4. The Boho Style

A boho-inspired bridal outfit will be excellent for your wedding day if your everyday style is a little more bohemian and you enjoy working with colors, textures, layering, and accessories. If you’re getting engaged in a natural setting, such as on the beach or in gorgeous gardens, a bohemian wedding look is a way to go. Pretty, textured, and loose hairstyle for a boho bride.

Loose braids, fishtail plaits, and half-up, half-down dos are just a few of the stunning boho-inspired bridal hairstyles. You might try threading flowers and jewelry into your hair instead of wearing a veil.

        5. Elegant And Charming Bridal Hairstyle

Being the most attractive and charming bride does not have to be an expensive bargain, take inspiration from the classic royal wedding. Hairstyles from Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton’s wedding are truly iconic and timeless. This bridal look is stunning with a tumbling wave hairstyle and halo style tiara seamlessly blended to create a fabulous style statement for her. As reported, it took almost 4 months for Kate to create the hair style which is called – Demi Chignon.

The chignon is the perfect hairdo for a traditional bridal. This exquisite knotted updo is great for wearing with a veil and oozes timeless charm and grace.

       6. Braided Barrette

The braid barrette hairstyle is simple yet outstanding for a complete style transformation. This hairstyle is popular among teens and kids with different hair length and type. Styling with braid barrette involves ribbons, beads and motifs that can be used to achieve different variants of styles, textures, and combinations. Try experimenting with different outfits and dresses to get the astonishing look going.

       7. Totally Natural Curls

On your engagement day, we believe you should be the greatest version of yourself, therefore if you have natural curls, make them extremely bouncy.

Work with your hairstylist to finalize the product combination that will give you the greatest hair day possible. Then, add a creative hair accessory like a headpiece, a tiara, or a floral crown to complete the look.


Make an attempt at a lustrous hairstyle. If straight hair is too serious for you, soft curls are a good alternative.

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