7 Fashion Rules To Follow To Look Gorgeous On Weddings

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Attending a wedding is supposed to be a fun and lively celebration of love. It’s a time to get together with the people you know and love and be happy for a couple that has figured out at least one thing amid the chaos of adulthood’s difficulties. This being said, since the photos are probably going to be kept and looked at for years to come, there is a little bit of pressure to get your outfit right for the event. The following will explore a few fashion rules and tips you might want to follow to help you look and feel good at a wedding.

Avoid White

Unless you’re the bride, don’t wear white to a wedding. Traditionally, this colour is reserved for the bride, and no one should be attempting to pull attention away from the bride. Unless specifically told to wear white, avoid this colour like the plague no matter how summery or beachy the location. It might seem like this rule is old-fashioned, and perhaps it is, but on the off chance the bride or groom really values traditions like this, don’t risk it. No matter how good the outfit is, it’s not worth offending the bride.

Family Of The Groom Or Bride

There are a handful of wedding attendants who aren’t in the bridal party that will almost certainly be part of big group photographs. Parents and siblings of the groom or bride should ask ahead of time what the colour scheme is so that they can choose something complimentary for big group photos. Of course, the mother of the bride has a bit more leeway to wear what she feels pulled towards. This being said, she probably wants the wedding photos to have an air of coordination about them.

Avoid Anything Too Revealing

This is another fairly traditional point that is worth taking into consideration. In many cases, at least a portion of the wedding will involve a religious venue or ritual. It is often frowned upon to wear something too risque or revealing to a religious event. Likewise, no matter how comfortable the bride and groom are with you revealing your skin, there’s a good chance that they have older relatives attending the event that might not be super comfortable with it. You don’t want to give the bride or groom anything extra to worry about on their big day, including calming down their relatives who are bothered by a guest’s attire.

This should also be a rule for the jewelry you’ll be wearing at the reception. Having a beautiful Virgin Mary necklace on you can showcase respect and appreciation on your part. Choose one with a tiny size to make it look delicate and simple, but still eye-catching. It’s also a great way to add some sparkly elements without taking away the attention of the bride or groom due to its subtlety.

Respect Formality Requests

Whatever is specified in regards to the formality of attire (this is often stated on invitations) should be respected. Brides and grooms choose the level of formality based on a lot of considerations and have likely put a lot of time and effort into coordinating the event. Sometimes it’s not entirely up to them but part of the venue or religion’s specifications. Be respectful of the bride and groom’s efforts, and be sure to find something that fits with their formality recommendations.

Women Should Avoid Black

While most suits are black, when it comes to women’s clothing, black is traditionally seen as a colour of mourning, and this means that it’s not a great choice for a wedding. The exception to this rule is winter weddings, where the bride or groom has specified that black is acceptable for dresses. Be sure that you know well in advance if the event you’re attending welcomes black. If you’re not sure, avoid it.

Clean And Tidy

Of course, it doesn’t matter if you pick the perfect outfit if that outfit is wrinkled or dirty. Take the time to clean your outfit and deal with creases and wrinkles before attending. This might involve you getting a little creative in how your transport your clothing choice if you’re travelling to the wedding location. It might also involve taking a roller to your clothing if you have a pet. All too often, pet owners get used to the sight of pet hair and don’t notice it on their clothing as a result.

Consider Undergarments

Given the formality of most weddings and the likelihood that you’re going to be dancing the night away for hours, undergarments are important. You don’t want to be giving a show to someone you’re not supposed to be giving a show to (most weddings have people of all ages, including children present). Beyond the outward benefits of this, properly chosen undergarments can mean the difference between being comfortable throughout a long evening or uncomfortable and constantly readjusting.

The above fashion rules and tips should help you select the right attire for a wedding you’ve been invited to. Of course, every wedding is different, and this means there might be specific instructions for the event included in the invite. Follow these instructions fashion rules carefully.

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