7 Facts About Energy in Australia That You Don’t Know

7 Facts About Energy in Australia That You Don’t Know #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #energysources #non-pollutingenergy #formsofenergy #bevhillsmag

At any one-time energy, chats are not entertaining, and you always tend to close the page before even going through the chat. Therefore, today let’s make the topic more interesting with some facts about energy in Australia and the Electricity providers in Adelaide city that you do not know.


  1. More solar than coal, gas, and nuclear power combined installation

More than 20 countries have installed renewable energy sources making the percentage rise. Despite this fact, Australia was not among the countries at the top. You may ask why this is so with the country’s world-class solar and wind energy resources.

Only about 20 percent of Australia’s energy is harnessed from these resources. Most of it happens in Adelaide, which was among the first cities to adopt renewable energy.

  1. Most of the energy is eco-friendly.

Ideally, most of the energy in Australia is environmentally friendly. They use 10 percent of non-polluting energy, but the measures enable a higher percentage of environmental conservation.

Most energy storage systems, more so the renewable energy storage systems, must be paired with renewable energy to be pollutant-free.Electricity providers in Adelaide provides options of all types of energy.

  1. Most of the power outages have nothing to do with the electricity supply

Unlike other places where blackouts occur due to a reduced supply of electricity or rationing, the case is quite different in Australia. Over 90 percent of the outages are due to other reasons, natural reasons, and specifics.

These include storms, bushfires among other reasons.

  1. Breakdown of fossil fuel power stations

Australia is prone to heatwaves that are not suitable for fossil fuel power stations. The stations have been failing or operating under capacity due to these waves. Most of them have been decommissioned and shut down as they don’t produce the desired amount.

Others were shut down as they were faulty because of the heat waves.

  1. Clean coal does not exist.

Any coal always leaves a carbon footprint. Brown coal is usually worse than black coal. The thing is that there exists a system that captures carbon and reduces carbon emissions by almost 90 percent.

Have you heard of carbon capture and storage (CCS)? The plants with the CCS mechanism capture the carbon then pump it to extract oil. When the oil is burnt, more carbon is released into the atmosphere.

So much for reducing the carbon emission via the CCS mechanism, right?

  1. The cheapest energy sources are the renewable sources

Because renewable energy sources are readily available as most of them are natural resources, the cost of production is low compared to the other energy sources.

The capital to build and distribute the energy to consumers is significantly reduced. We cannot ignore the fact that renewable energy is one of the quickest forms of energy to acquire compared to other sources such as fossil fuels.

  1. Consumer’s energy choice is superior.

In Australia, consumers can decide which form of electrical energy they need. Most electricity providers have to listen to what the consumer wants and give them precisely that.

In Adelaide, for example, the customer can decide that they want 100 percent of renewable energy in their home, and the electricity provider in Adelaide will ensure that the energy used by that customer is 100 percent renewable. Electricity providers in Adelaide offer consumer energy-efficient devices that could help save energy.

Final thoughts

There you have it. There are more and more fun facts about energy which we could not cover in this article. But most definitely, you have been entertained as well as informed. Energy chats are not that boring now, aren’t they?

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