7 Bridal Lehenga Choli Fashion Trends You Will Love

Top Bridal Lehenga Choli Trends #bride #lehenga #fashiontrends #fashionblog #fashion #style #flats #runwayfashion #beverlyhills #beverlyhills #bevhillsmag #fashiontrends
Top Bridal Lehenga Choli Trends #bride #lehenga #fashiontrends #fashionblog #fashion #style #flats #runwayfashion #beverlyhills #beverlyhills #bevhillsmag #fashiontrends

The wedding day is the most important day in the life of the bride and groom. Everything must be perfect, from mandap, food, décor, to even the outfits. There is no way that the couple can compromise on looking stylish and anything less than perfect. Everything needs to be planned and arranged meticulously so that it’s nothing less than a fairy tale for the couple that is ready to tie the knot and call it “forever.” If you are the bride who is looking for that perfect wedding dress, then you are in the right place. You can shop bridal lehengas online or even from the best boutique in town, but it must be trendy and suit your personal taste. You can’t risk looking anything less than your perfect self and that’s only going to happen if you choose the lehenga that’s fashion-forward in a traditional manner. (Image Credit: Sringaar/Flickr)

Here are a few bridal lehenga choli trends you must consider when you pick the perfect ensemble. It’s true there is a wide range of designs and styles that can leave you confused. Here, we bring you some assorted style that is going to make you achieve the look of your dreams that will be admired by your husband and the loved ones.

Bridal Lehenga Choli Trends to Follow

Avantgarde Colors: According to the latest trends, customary red and pink colors are totally out of fashion. You are the bride-to-be and you can create your own fashion statement by picking a unique color. This trend is very popular among modern brides. They are choosing all sorts of unconventional colors like lavender, peach, lilac, salmon rose, taupe, sage green, white, ivory, ice blue and more. Among the bright and dark shades, indigo blue, cobalt blue, blossom pink, fiery orange and turquoise are popular. Brides no more go by the rules, they are breaking the traditions by choosing all kinds of unique pattern.

Silk Splendor: While Indian brides are trendsetters, but they are quite rooted in their customs and traditions. Bringing back the age-old traditional fabrics, Benarasi, Kanjeevaram, Paithani, and Bandhej are quite popular among the brides and designers’ bridal lehenga choli The various type of handwoven silk is a reflection of India’s rich textile and crafts industry that has existed for centuries. No matter how traditional, these fabrics have its own charm. The vibrant colors, luminous textures, and exquisite ethnic patterns make for an incredibly beautiful ensemble that will be remembered by everyone.

Floral Fun: Florals are women’s eternal favorite. There is no doubt that antique floral embroidery, floral applique work, and vintage floral embroidery are trending numbers. Even Bollywood’s top diva Anushka Sharma donned a lehenga designed style with extensive floral patterns. As per the latest fashion trends, for a more contemporary look, brides prefer floral work on English colors like dull pink, taupe, beige and more. This combination is certainly going to make you feel like a regal queen. Flowers are a symbol of beauty and youthful spirit. These designs are going to enhance your beauty and personal charm. If paired with perfect jewelry and accessory, this look is never going to fail you.

Lehengas with Long Train: Add drama to your attire by adding a long train to the dupatta of the lehenga. This is the latest in the trends and it is perfect to give you that fairytale-esque look. It’s stylish and chic and it is definitely going to make your entry dramatic and memorable. You can choose from contrasting colored net dupatta to a sheer dupatta with lace and studded motifs. This extra addition is sure to make your bridal lehenga choli look like designer couture. If you decide to add a train to your outfit, make sure it stands out as a statement piece when it comes to your ensemble.

Top Bridal Lehenga Choli Trends #bride #lehenga #fashiontrends #fashionblog #fashion #style #flats #runwayfashion #beverlyhills #beverlyhills #bevhillsmag #fashiontrends
Image Credit: Gunka Fashion/ Flickr

Ruffle and frills: Next big thing this season is ruffles and frills. The trend of playful and frivolous ruffles and frills is back, and it has made its special place in the ethnic fashion wear. Bridal lehengas with frilled dupattas and ruffled skirts are creating an impressive fashion statement. This look is more contemporary and looks great on solid color fabrics with minimal embellishments so that the distresses remain the center point of the attire.

Lehenga Choli with Belts: Waist belts have had a special place in many cultures of India. Since ancient times, women have been wearing this accessory for various reasons. The ornamental belt has been a part of several traditional attires. However, belts have not been so common when it comes to lehenga and this new trend is really making big in the fashion world. Brides are picking fancy, statement belts to go with their wedding day ensemble and create a statement of their own. The raging trend allows the bride to flaunt her curves and waistline. Also, it is convenient as it holds the dupatta in place and makes the movement easy.

Wedding Lehengas with Jackets: Jackets and lehengas together is a very new combination, but it is loved by winter brides. Exquisitely designed jackets add an extra layer to the dress that provides her extra warmth that may not be possible in a traditional style bridal lehenga choli. At the same time, the jacket adds an extra flare to the attire and make it an exclusive piece that will make you shine like a regal queen. You can choose a plethora of designs for the jacket. From brocade and silk to heavily embellished and zardozi work jackets to go with your outfit. It is sure to give you the look of a royal queen and accentuate your personality.

Wedding lehengas are a quintessential part of all bridal trousseau. This attire is evergreen and will be cherished by the bride all her life. Hence, it is a must that it is chosen meticulously that fits the bride’s personal taste and sense of style. Besides, shimmer fabrics and off-the-shoulder blouses are some other much-loved trends among the new brides. These new Lehenga fashion trends are glamorous yet traditional and are sure to make the bride look like a sight to behold on her wedding day.

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