6 Tools That Can Help Monitor Your Employees

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When you manage a team of employees, monitoring performance is one of your top priorities. You need to ensure that they are doing their work as per requirements and achieving specific goals on time. If you don’t monitor them, you could lose an important business deal or project.

A few apps can help ensure they aren’t using their smartphone during work hours. And some applications deliver real-time reports on how many miles or minutes they’ve driven at any given moment. You’ll be able to see exactly what’s going on.

Fleet Dashcam Tracking System

This type of system uses a vehicle’s dashboard camera and GPS technology to determine the location of the vehicle at any given moment during its travels. Employers use a fleet dashcam tracking system because they can pinpoint where workers have been, how fast they have been going, whether they have stopped anywhere along their route, and so on. In addition to allocating fuel efficiently, employers can save money on insurance premiums by assessing accident risk areas for particular routes and improving driver behavior.

The best employee monitoring tools are the ones that provide real value to both employers and employees. For example, tools like GPS tracking systems can be used to help drivers avoid traffic congestions, get more work completed on time, or get more fuel for their money by seeing whether they need to make changes in the route they travel.

Automated Employee Monitoring Software

Desktop application monitoring software is a computer application or web-based service that helps employers track their workers’ PC usage and/or website browsing activities to ensure they’re working efficiently. With automated employee monitoring software, you can view reports of your employees’ online activities, such as the time spent on Facebook or another social media network, how many emails they’ve sent during business hours and their instant messaging chats.

If you want to monitor only the web-browsing activities of your employees, then automated employee monitoring software can help you do that, too.

Time Tracking With TSheets

If you’re wondering where your time goes each day, try TSheets. It’s a mobile app for employees that allows them to clock in and out of jobs on their phones. You can choose to receive automated alerts when one of your workers arrives or leaves work, which is pretty convenient if you’re super busy.

TSheets doesn’t just track the time, either. It also provides GPS information for every location they visit during their shift, which can be helpful for managers who need to know where their employees are at all times. If you suspect someone of pulling a few too many long lunches, it’s pretty easy to tell if they’re telling the truth. Enhance your employee monitoring with the convenience of a reliable time card app. Streamline time tracking and boost efficiency with this valuable tool.

The GPS information can also be used to track vehicle use during work hours, which brings us to the next app on our list.

Tracking your fleet of drivers with HoursMatter

For companies that use several different vehicles to transport workers or clients around town, HoursMatter is a great way to track mileage. The app can help you track all of your employees’ hours, including their trips to and from work.

It sends alerts when you surpass agreed-upon mileage limits for each vehicle on the road, so you’ll know immediately if someone’s taken a joy ride in one of the company cars. Of course, it can also be used to track the morning route your employees take to get to work, which can tell you how long (and expensive) it is.

Monitoring cell phone use with MobiControl

If you want to keep an eye on your employees, MobiControl is the way to go. The system works by tracking cell phone location and behavior (like battery life), so it can detect when a phone has been taken out of a pocket or purse at work.

With MobiControl installed on your entire team’s phones, you’ll be able to monitor what cell phones are being used during office hours, as well as how long each phone spends outside an employee’s possession. And if you ever suspect that one of your workers may have been negligent with business property, the system will show you their real-time location which could be helpful in personifying accountability.

Network Monitoring Software

Network monitoring software is a set of tools that tracks the activities happening on your company’s computers and networks. Network monitoring software will allow you to pay attention to which websites are visited, e-mails sent, and received documents printed by your employees. It can also be used to check the type of data that is being sent or received from one computer to another, such as images, audio files, video files, and other non-text data files.

It’s easier than ever to keep an eye on how well people are performing their jobs. There are several mobile apps specifically designed to track employee productivity and location. So even though you may have that nagging feeling your employees are slacking off, they might be working hard under the radar.

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