6 Things To Think About Before Investing In Storage Space

6 Things To Think About Before Investing In Storage Space #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #storagespace #storagefacilities #leasingaunit #protectyourinsureditems
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Due to rising urban populations, people’s houses and apartments are getting smaller. More people are moving to cities meaning developers are having to build compact properties. In such properties, there tends to be a lack of storage. No storage can make storing one’s things extremely difficult. Individuals who live in compact properties are having to find storage spaces elsewhere, like in large facilities and industrial estates. Such places offer unparalleled security and sometimes more room than large houses with garages can provide.

If investing in storage space is on your list of things to do, here are six things to think about first.

Size of Unit

The first thing that you need to think about if you are in the market for a storage locker is the amount of space you are going to need. You can get some very reliable information at storefriendly.com.sg on the different spaces that are available. It is important to note some units are only available to businesses, not private persons. If you attempt to lease such a unit your application will be denied unless you can prove the things being stored inside of it are related to an active business. A good way to determine how much space you are going to need is to measure all of the objects that are going to be stored, then work out how much room they will take stacked on top of each other or stored next to one another.

Consider Security

The next thing that you need to think about is security. Unfortunately, property crimes are on the rise. No matter where you live, burglary is more of a threat today than it was several decades ago. Unless you find a unit with dedicated security, dogs, and CCTV you could end up having your belongings stolen. Thieves regularly target lockers that are not protected. The complex you are planning on leasing a unit on should have a brochure that explains all of the security measures they have introduced to protect tenants.

Insuring Contents

If the items you are storing inside of your locker are valuable, insurance is probably a good idea. Insuring the contents of your locker will protect you financially in case of theft or damage. Insurance companies will want proof that you have taken steps to protect your insured items yourself, however. You will therefore need to invest in a locker that’s situated in a highly secure complex. It will also be necessary for you to wrap items in secure packaging like bubble wrap, and potentially even put a dehumidifier in there to prevent mould from forming.

Immediate Access

Are you going to need to access your storage unit at odd times of the day and night? If so then it might be a better idea to invest in one situated in a complex that’s accessible throughout the year, regardless of the time or date. Some complexes shut down for the holidays or are not open at night. You will be able to find out whether your chosen storage facility allows you to visit whenever you want on their website or in their brochure. Always make sure that your chosen unit allows you to visit at times you are likely to want to.

Frequency of Use

How often are you planning on using your unit? If you are not going to be going there much or at all then you can afford to buy one that’s a little further away from your house. Depending on where you live you could actually save money by renting a locker that’s a distance from your property, i.e., on the outskirts of the city. Units and storage lockers in urban areas tend to be more expensive and more at risk of burglary. You should still take steps to ensure your chosen facility has security measures in place to protect their client’s lockers, however.

Signing Contracts

When you sign your rental agreement, read the fine print. Some storage facilities actually require their tenants to surrender the contents of their lockers if they do not pay their bills on time, meaning they can be sold or auctioned off. Try to avoid entering into such agreements with storage providers. Even if you plan on paying every one of your bills, accidents and mistakes can happen. If you do not take steps to ensure that you are not going to lose your things in the event of financial hardship, they could be sold to strangers.

Storage lockers are growing in popularity. City folk are turning to them to store their belongings because compact apartments and houses are too small for a life’s worth of possessions. To find a locker for yourself, use this post.

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