6 Fashion Rules For Wearing Dress Hats For Women

Tenth Street hats #fashion #style #cute #hat #shop #shopping #hatstyles #styles #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine
Tenth Street hats #fashion #style #cute #hat #shop #shopping #hatstyles #styles #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine

Hats are accessories that will add that quintessential and elegant factor to whatever you have on. Even if a simple hat can set you apart wherever you go, lousy hat etiquette will make you stand out in a wrong way. Laid out are some fashion rules you have to observe when wearing dress hats especially for women.

  1. Wear dress hats to appropriate events

Dress hats like those when you click here, can be worn in almost any kind of circumstance, but there’s still some exceptions. Here’s some notes on appropriate places to wear dress hats:

  • Some dress hats can be worn indoors, in malls or restaurants, and some cultural events.
  • It’s also appropriate to wear dress for church services, funerals, daytime weddings, luncheons, and particular sporting events, such as horse racing.
  • In case you’re also wondering, hats can be left on in public transportation and elevators.
  • It’s also acceptable to wear hats in public indoor spaces such as airports, the post office, hotel lobbies, indoor corridors, and office lobbies.
  • However, you should refrain from wearing them in places of work or if it blocks someone else’s view. These places include cinemas, concert halls, or theaters.
  1. Place your hat accessories on the right side of your hat

For women, any kind of accessories or ornaments should be worn on the right side of your hat. Accessories that you can place here include ribbons, pins, feathers, flowers, bows and the like. For men, it’s the opposite – they wear their hat accessories on the left side of their hat. A catchy phrase to help you remember this rule is “women are (always) right.”

  1. Follow these basic gestures

  • When you’re sporting a hat, there are ways to say hello and be respectful with your hat. Interesting right? Here are just some general gestures to keep in mind when you have a hat on:
  • Hold your hat in your hand hiding the inner lining whenever you remove your hat.
  • A slight lift of the hat off your head when introducing yourself will do. You don’t have to pull your hat down completely, then just nod and smile politely.
  • You can also tip the hat by pulling the brim down lightly whenever you want to say hi. This is also less formal compared to taking your hat off, but it can still pass off as a very polite gesture
  • For dress hats that go together with your gown or outfit, never remove them throughout the evening.

Tenth Street hats #fashion #style #cute #hat #shop #shopping #hatstyles #styles #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine

  1. Make sure your hat fits

Before you purchase a hat, make sure it fits well and securely on your head. You don’t want your hat flying around when you’re attending a wedding or any kind of event. Similarly, it’ll be very uncomfortable for you to hold your hat all day fearing it might just fly away. This won’t only make you uncomfortable, but it will also make the people around you uncomfortable. Since everyone’s head size and shape is different, you can have your dress hat tailor made for you to make sure that it fits perfectly.

  1. Wear your hat proudly

Unlike men, women rarely need to remove their hats. When indoors, it’s already socially acceptable for women to have their dressy hats on. Since hats have evolved into an accessory necessary for your outfit, the role of dressy hats has made a mark in the fashion world. However, if a hat is worn for the purpose of keeping your head warm (such as a bonnet or winter hat), you must remove it when you’re indoors.

  1. Wear hats that go with your face shape

Similarly, with outfits that go with your body shape, your hat must also fit your face shape. For example, if you have a petite face, you must wear delicate hats to bring some balance to your look. On the other hand, if you have a rounded face, wear hats with a flower or headpiece to make your face look longer.


These fashion rules should equip you in wearing your dress hat with pride. Hat etiquette is a fascinating thing if done properly. Wearing a dress hat is not essential to your outfit, but it can bring your look to a whole new level. Just observe these rules, and you will stand out like a diamond anywhere you go.

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