5 Ways To Reduce Anxiety On Airplane Flights

5 Ways To Reduce Anxiety On Airplane Flights
5 Ways To Reduce Anxiety On Airplane Flights #travel #bevhillsmag

Here are just a few ideas that you can use to get through your travels or, perhaps, even come to enjoy your time in the air.

Emotional Support Animals

If your flight anxiety is nearly crippling, consider looking into getting an Emotional Support Animal (ESA). Nearly all airlines are required to allow you to have your support animal with you in the plane cabin, as long as you have the registration and give them advanced notice of the animal traveling with you.

Some ESAs are simply for comfort purposes, and others have the training to help you in situations like anxiety attacks. Do some research, and if you have a therapist, consider talking to them about ESAs and how they can help you travel.

Make a Calming/Distraction Playlist

Many people choose to listen to music on their flights, and it can often soothe your worries or distract you enough that you feel less tense. Music is a great way to give yourself an “escape,” and you can curate your playlist to your taste.

You could make something soothe you with soft music or tunes that bring you joy with your favorite songs and artists. Whatever is more likely to help you relax, get your self set up before you even head to the airport, and you can use music to your advantage.

Skip the Caffeine and Alcohol

Coffee and wine are available on airplanes, but you may be better off sticking with some water or juice. Caffeine and alcohol can dehydrate you during the flight, and both can upset anxiety problems. It would be best if you also tried to avoid alcohol before your flight since that can make it harder for your body to adjust to flying.

Try to stick to water and light, healthy snacks, so you give your body healthy fuel and won’t have to worry about aggravating your nerves.

Breathing Exercises

Sometimes, the knowledge that oxygen is limited in the air can be a source of anxiety. However, you have to trust in the industry and know that they have plenty of oxygen to keep the cabins comfortable throughout your flight.

Once you manage that irrational fear, consider learning and practicing some relaxing breathing techniques. It will help you calm down, both physically and emotionally.

As the Last Resort: Medicine

Some herbal remedies could help with nerves, but those have their side effects, as well. Bring the medicine along with you if you have it. In some cases, simply knowing you have the medicine nearby can serve as a comfort.


It’s okay to be scared of flying. However, most people do it at some point, and you shouldn’t let a fear of flying keep you from seeing the world. Prepare yourself ahead of time to combat your anxiety, and you’ll be able to travel far and wide with ease.

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