5 Things Your Man Needs In His Wardrobe

Five Things Your Man Needs in his Wardrobe #Men's fashion
Five Things Your Man Needs in his Wardrobe #Men's fashion

Every man needs a bit of style in his life. And, given that many guys just rock the old-school t-shirt and jeans combo, adding a bit of spice to your man’s wardrobe is a great way to elevate his style. (Image Credit: Yasin Gündogdu/Pexels)

So, from introducing some accessories, to adding a nice, crisp button-up, let’s go down to business on the five things that you can add to your man’s wardrobe to elevate his style.

And it all starts with a nice button-up shirt.

No, we’re not talking about the cheap kind. A nice cotton button-up shirt, that’s fitting properly can elevate every man’s appearance.

It’s all about the details, so ironing it and going to a tailor where they can make adjustments to better fit the shirt to your body is a must. Yes, spending some extra dollars to make it fit perfectly is totally worth it.

If you’re wondering what type of shirt to invest in, places like John Henric offer quite the wide selection of button-ups to choose from, and we’d suggest you go with the solid color option if you don’t have one, and then spread out into plaids and other choices.

And while a button-up is an amazing choice for any man, he’ll need something to tie that look together.

And here’s where you’ll need a well-fitting blazer.

A well-fitting blazer goes a long way. Why? Because it’s one of the outfits that can be versatile enough to dress up almost any outfit (anything, but a pair of running shoes) and be fitting of most outgoings.

But just like with the button-up shirt, you’d want that blazer to be perfectly tailored to the body.

It shouldn’t be tight, but rather a stylish hug around the body, so when it comes to buying a blazer go with a good fit around the shoulders and chest area. Everything else can be adjusted by a tailor to improve the fit at a later stage.

And while we’re on the blazer part, one thing all fashionable men have is a great pocket square.

Pocket squares are a great and inexpensive way to add a bit of flayer to any blazer.

Typically it will run you around twenty bucks, but keep in mind that while luxury brands can offer better quality, patterns are pretty much the same across price points (except the really unique one, that will run you more than $100).

Pocket squares also make for a great alternative to the go-to socks gift and can be a fun way to switch things up.

But you can add some accessories as well.

Talking of inexpensive ways to add a bit of style and character to your man’s outfits, buy him a cool bracelet.

We won’t spend too much time here, as it mostly depends on their personality, but sticking with metals and stones is always a great idea.

Finally, mid to high-end timepiece to tie everything together.

While this can be a bit expensive of purchase, buying a timepiece is a great long term investment.

Just like with the bracelet, the choice is highly personal, so better to go shopping with your hubby and let him choose.

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