5 Things to Do When Visiting Nantucket with Friends

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When visiting Nantucket, it’s always best to bring along friends. There are numerous fantastic activities to enjoy on the island and make life-long memories with friends. You might think that visiting with a group of friends would make accommodation costly. Don’t fret; you can book one of the many tranquil homes on the island to stay with your friends relatively affordably. Most can accommodate between 4 to 20 people.

Now that you are on Nantucket with some of the people who matter the most in your life, here are the top 5 activities to kick start your vacation together.

1. Enjoy a Cruise

Small-ship cruises are the most convenient way to sample Nantucket’s ocean-inspired culture with friends. Most of these small ships accommodate 10 to 200 passengers per cruise, and you can never miss a spot, even in high season. Their size avails them the nimbleness to slip into narrow channels and picturesque harbors.

You can go for sunset, cocktail, fishing, and harbor cruises, depending on what floats your boat, or try each on different days. While at it, enjoy some of Nantucket’s signature cocktails and learn about the historic Nantucket Harbor on harbor cruises. Soak in amazing sunsets and spectacular views of the Nantucket Harbor while relaxing on sunset cruises, or try your luck catching some big fish on fishing cruises.

There are also cruises to nearby islands like Martha’s Vineyard, famous for its gingerbread-style Victorian cottages, and Block Island, which has several intimate, grand Victorian-era hotels facing the sea. Whenever you book a cruise with friends, make sure you arrive at the dock at least 15 minutes early. Keep in mind that cocktail cruises are only open for persons 21 years or older.

2.  Have Fun at Cisco Brewers

The Cisco Brewers family comprises the Triple Eight Distillery, Cisco Brewers, and  Nantucket Vineyard,. This business was established in the early 1980s, starting with the Nantucket Vineyard as a small passion project. By 1995, the winery employees wanted to expand their scope and launched Cisco Brewers. Having mastered the art of launching a new business from an existing enterprise, the Cisco family conceived Triple Eight Distillery in 2000.

Cisco Brewers is undoubtedly a must-explore when visiting Nantucket with friends, thanks to its good vibes and world-class wines, beer, and spirits. Located on 5 Bartlett Farm Road, you can expect time to slow and fun to flow during your tour here. Enjoy upbeat live music and generous tastings in its 3 bars serving craft wine, beer, and spirits, with abundant outdoor seating. There are also several food trucks on location.

The brewery’s most revered offering is the Whale Tale beer, which was named one of the best American beers in 2022. If you and your friends prefer a drink that hits harder, you can go for one of the distillery’s many offerings, such as Cranberry Vodka, Organic Vodka, Nor’ Easter Bourbon, Gale Force Gin, and Hurricane Rum.

3.  Explore the Beaches

There are numerous beaches to explore in Nantucket; thus, it can be hard to pick the best beaches to go to when you are with friends. Jetties Beach is a good place to start if you are staying in town, as it’s a short walk away. It offers an exquisite sandy beachfront perfect for lazy floating or calm swimming. Do you want to experience morning yoga on the beach or beach concerts? Then, go to Children’s Beach, also a walk away from town.

For the most scenic beach trip, visit spectacular Siasconset Beach, which has earned much praise as a “natural wonder.” This expansive beach also has smooth sands and perfect sunsets. Cisco Beach is perfect for surfing and other water sports, thanks to its large waves. You and your friends can take surfing lessons here.

If you are looking for a more rugged beach experience, hire a jeep and take an off-road trip to Madaket Beach. You can also explore Steps Beach, which is almost fully surrounded by dunes. You will have to take a wooden pathway to get to the beach.

4.  Visit the Famous Sites

Nantucket has its fair share of famous sites, the most famous of which is likely the Whaling Museum, dating back close to 200 years. It offers visitors an in-depth look into the island’s whaling history. This museum has an amazing art collection and an over 40-foot-long skeleton of a sperm whale.  

There are three lighthouses for you and your friends to explore on the island; Brant Point Lighthouse, Great Point Lighthouse, and Sakanty Head Lighthouse. All these lighthouses are more than 150 years old, and each has a fascinating history and architecture. If you want to broaden your knowledge of the island’s history and America in general, the Nantucket Atheneum is a must-visit. This public library for Nantucket was established in 1834 and has an impressive collection of educational material.

During your visit to Siasconset Beach, take the Sconset Bluff Walk, a hike on a public footpath behind private houses overlooking the beach. This 2-mile walk will let you explore the quaint architecture of Siasconset town up close and take you up to the Sankaty Head Lighthouse.

5.  Play Golf at Miacomet Golf Club

Golf is one of the best sports to play with friends. Miacomet Golf Club has a well-kept 18-hole golf course featuring a rolling landscape, fast greens, well-maintained sand traps, and consistent winds, providing an incredible golfing experience. There are both challenging and easy holes, making the course ideal for amateurs and experts.

Moreover, the course is close to the ocean, providing charming views and never-ending breezes as you play. Once you are done, you can stop by the restaurant for a delicious meal or refreshing drink. You, however, need to make a reservation beforehand.

Parting Shot

While you can enjoy Nantucket almost any time of the year, it’s best to visit in summer. You and your friends better make your reservations early if you plan to visit Nantucket in the summer, as the island can get quite busy. To have the best possible time, be open to exploring new adventures that pop up any time. 

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