5 Reasons Why Tesla Is In High Demand

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Tesla is one of the most top-notch brands in the automobile industry. It is the brainchild of Elon Musk and is the true pioneer of transforming the auto industry by bringing electric cars into the market. Tesla introduced the first-ever electric car, Roadster, in 2008. The biggest aim of Tesla is to manufacture more affordable luxury cars for its expanded customer base with a lower carbon footprint.

About Tesla and its Success

Tesla has become an elite status symbol as people book cars in advance. Tesla witnessed significant successes and triumphs under the leadership of its current CEO, Elon Musk, who is also the product architect at his company. Tesla’s unwavering focus on lowering our carbon footprint and creating electric cars is the secret to success.

As of 2021, Tesla has an immensely reliable network of about 438 stores and galleries, 30,000 charging portals called Superchargers, and approximately 100 service centres spanning over 3,100 locations. One of the biggest reasons the demand for Tesla cars is soaring is that the company focuses on manufacturing and rolling out one model at a time.

Though, Tesla is working on changing its production model by producing newer models while one model is out in the market.

Tesla’s Soaring High Demand

If you are one of the lucky people out there looking to order or find Tesla for sale soon, you are in for a long wait. This ultimate luxury electric car company often strives to meet the customers’ demands. Although Tesla car users are way fewer than other affordable luxury brands, Tesla has always boasted its high demand rates.

To offer you a glimpse, the cheapest model Y of Tesla in the US is estimated to be delivered to the customers no sooner than the first half of 2023. However, base versions of the Tesla Model S are estimated to reach customers around November 2022.

Lastly, delivery estimates of the most affordable version of the Tesla Model X quote a timeframe somewhere between April and July 2023. So, what is it that drives Tesla’s demand so high? Let us review some of the reasons below.

Reasons Why Tesla Is In High Demand

Tesla owners are hard to woo to other cars. Tesla lovers often quote that Tesla is more than just a car on the road. It is a sentiment that expresses one’s personality on the road. Following are some of the reasons why Tesla is in such high demand.

1.      Tesla works on the customer cues instead of auto industry trends

Tesla closely monitors the cues its customers give. Instead of jumping on the bandwagon of auto industry trends, Tesla adheres to its customers’ demands. For instance, computers in cars have been a norm for many years. However, there was no way to make those computers work once the software became outdated.

As a result, a long queue of customers lined up at the dealership to upgrade the software. Tesla paid heed to the consumers and developed computers in cars that updated over the air. It is why Tesla owners love their electric vehicles. It is also why there are no yearly tags on the Tesla Models, such as the 2014 Model S, as the software updates in due time and your controls are as fresh as ever.

2.      Green Energy Movement

The green energy movement fuels another critical factor in driving up Tesla’s high demand. Tesla cars are the epitome of the green energy movement as these electric vehicles neither rely on greenhouse gas-emitting gasoline nor create carbon dioxide.

More than half of the greenhouse gas emissions are attributed to transportation activities in the US. The Environmental Protection Agency has strived for decades to do something impactful in this regard. Tesla introducing electric vehicles is a dream come true for the environmentalists, thus, raising the demand for these cars.

3.      High cost of gasoline

The ever-increasing gasoline prices are another significant driving factor for such high demands for Tesla. According to a US population survey, gasoline prices reaching about $4 per gallon is relatively high for consumers. A little bit over that, and the average American finds the expenditure going out of budget.

Such circumstances propel people toward striving to afford a Tesla car that is highly energy-efficient and eco-friendly.

4.      Desire to lower their carbon footprint

This factor driving Tesla’s demand up high is not so much dependent on the gasoline prices. It is more related to people’s thinking patterns and life choices. Eco-friendly drives and campaigns are changing people’s mindsets by encouraging them to make choices that leave a minimal carbon footprint.

5.      Substitution Effect

In consumer behaviour, it is essential to factor in inflation. The substitution effect implies that the demand for a product increases only because it is cheaper than the other substitutes. Tesla is fighting for a significant market share in the US automobile industry, and consumers are seen trading their conventional and more expensive cars for Tesla.

It is only because the running costs of Tesla seem promising to fit in the budget of most consumers as the gasoline price fluctuates all the time. According to Tom Libby’s automotive analysis, about 25.3% of the US consumers traded their Toyota for a Tesla.

In a Nutshell

Tesla cars are iconic. They passed the evaluation of the Consumer Reports (CR) with readings that broke the scale. They are incredibly versatile and fun to drive with fast speeds in mere seconds and a technology that is unbeaten.

The autopilot in Tesla vehicles sets the bar high for any futuristic vehicle technology. Moreover, the sleek design of the Tesla cars gives off a high-end vibe with an excessively luxurious feel. The demand for Tesla cars does not soar only because of the features mentioned above. People love Tesla for being eco-friendly. In these times, wherein the world’s future appears fraught with environmental issues, investing in an electric vehicle can help people’s conscience sleep better.

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