5 Reasons Why Comporta Should Be on Your Luxury Travel Bucket List

5 Reasons Why Comporta Should Be on Your Luxury Travel Bucket List #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #luxurytravelbucketlist #beautifulbeaches #Comporta
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Can there be a better way to dive into vacation mode than the sound of blue ocean waves, long sandy beaches, and picturesque rice fields? We bet not and that is why Comporta in Portugal needs to be on your travel bucket list. If you are trying to enjoy solitude amidst the lap of nature, then you can book your stay at Le Collectionist Rentals in Comporta. This is why Comporta attracts abundant travelers every year who wish to enjoy a quiet holiday away from the hullabaloo of the city. Read on to know the reasons behind the spiraling popularity of this hidden gem in Portugal:

  • Travel with a vacation house rental service– If you are traveling with children, then Comporta can have your back with its rich selection of hotels reeking of luxury. Le Collectionist can help rejuvenate your senses in harmony with blissful nature. The interiors are characterized by attention to minute detailing which amplifies its idyllic landscape.
  • Walk through rice fields – While we mostly associate the picturesque rice fields with the Asian sub-continent, there is a fair share of rice fields in Comporta. This place radiates a unique aura whether you come in spring or summer. You can choose the sunset time to go for a walk with your little one or a bike trip down the scenic rice fields and capture some amazing frames to be cherished for a lifetime.
  • Swim in the Pacific – With the mercury reaching a scorching level of 30 degrees outside, you can take a cool dip in the Pacific Ocean on your upcoming trip to Comporta. This can be your perfect spot to go surfing amidst the mild waves and have some amazing experiences. If you aren’t a pro surfer, then you can enroll in the best surf schools lining Carvalhal beach.
  • Laze around the beaches – The biggest USP of visiting Comporta is its beautiful sandy beaches that look straight out of a romance novel. These glittery golden stretches sprawl about 60 km of the coastline and stand out as a perfect contrast to the deep blue ocean. The most beautiful beaches in this region are the Praia do Pego, Praia do Carvalhal, and Praia da Comporta.
  • Enjoy local cuisine – There is no shortage of delicious cuisines in Comporta. You can ring in happy times with a delicious cocktail at beach bars and follow it up with a scrumptious lunch next to the sun-kissed rice fields. For a quick snack, you can try out any of the local food trucks which serve a magnitude of dishes ranging from delicious risotto to super-amazing seafood like squid, grilled sardine, or cuttlefish with coriander and garlic.


The summer resort of Comporta is nothing short of a small paradise nestled between lush rice fields and the serene blue ocean. Comporta is frequented by celebs which has made it a dark horse of Portugal tourism. So, pack your bags and get ready to bask in the beauty of nature in its most virgin form.

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