5 Reasons Why Bidet Seats Are Great for People with Disabilities

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While there are a lot of great reasons to purchase a bidet seat, for some it can be more of a necessity. This is especially so for those with physical limitations or disabilities. If you are injured, pregnant, elderly, or if there are other circumstances that make using the toilet and cleaning up afterwards difficult, a bidet is a great choice for the cleaning process. It can make removing waste much easier.

Below are 5 reasons why bidet seats are great for those with physical limitations and disabilities…

  1. Easier Than Wiping

Those with physical limitations or disabilities understand how difficult the wiping process can be. Whether it’s reaching, the wiping motion, or both, it can be a challenge. With a bidet, it’s a much simpler process. Instead of wiping, bidet users only need to press a button to start the cleaning process. This takes almost no effort, which can be a relief to those in need.

  1. More Hygienic Than Toilet Paper

What many people don’t realize when using toilet paper is how little it’s doing for their hygiene. While using toilet paper is better than not wiping, it can make it difficult to get a full clean. Instead, it often involves moving fecal matter around instead of removing it. A bidet offers a full clean after using the toilet. This means better comfort and cleanliness.

  1. Lower Maintenance

While for many switching out toilet paper rolls isn’t a big deal, for those with disabilities and physical limitations it can be a difficult process. Not only is there the act of changing out the toilet paper but there is also the need to purchase and carry the rolls (which often come in large packs). Toilet paper also increases the chances of a toilet backing up, which means using a plunger or even calling a plumber.

With a bidet, the only maintenance needed will be a semi-annual filter change. Otherwise, there is very little upkeep required—and no shopping for giant packs of toilet paper!

  1. Avoid Certain Health Conditions

Some people are more prone to infections, hemorrhoids, and feminine/rectal issues that can be troublesome and painful. Wiping can aggravate these issues. Toilet paper can even cause small tears and bleeding. With a bidet, there is no aggressive wiping and no contact with paper on your delicate skin. Instead, soothing water is used to remove the waste.

  1. More Comfortable

There are a lot of comfort benefits that come with bidets. These include warm water, nozzle oscillation, heated seats, and even massaging functions. These make the experience of using a bidet so much nicer than using uncomfortable toilet paper.

Are Bidets Environmentally Friendly?

Yes! One major advantage of using a bidet is how environmentally friendly they are. Did you know that millions of trees are cut down every year to create toilet paper? By using a bidet, you do your part in lessening the amounts of trees being cut down. If you purchase a bidet with a drying function, you can cut down on your toilet paper use that much more.

As counter-intuitive as it sounds, it takes less water to use a bidet than flush toilet paper. You can cut down on both water and paper use by purchasing a bidet.

Will a Bidet Fit My Toilet?

You may be concerned about whether you can find a bidet that can fit your specific toilet. The answer is more than likely “yes!” Bidets are made to fit a variety of different types of toilets. Use the sizing chart that is available to see if the bidet you are considering will fit your specific toilet. If not, we can help to find a bidet that does.

Will I Require a Professional Installation?

While people often think bidets are complex to set up, they really aren’t. You won’t need the help of a plumber, and the process generally only takes around 30 minutes. With that said, if you have a disability, you may need a friend or family member to help you to set your bidet up. There are videos available on our website to help you with the installation process.

Do I Need a Hot Water Connection?

You don’t need a hot water connection for a bidet. Actually, you don’t want to connect your bidet to a hot water connection. We provide a T-connection that allows our customers to attach to their existing connection.

Do Bidets Cover the Smell?

When people think of covering up the smell after bathroom use, they generally think of aerosols that are used to mask the smell. These aerosols use chemicals that some people are very sensitive to. Many bidets come with air deodorizers, which aren’t the same thing. Instead of masking the smell, they use adsorption to remove particles from your bathroom. This leaves your bathroom smelling pleasant without the use of artificial smelling sprays.


There are a lot of amazing benefits bidet toilets have for those with limited mobility and those that are disabled. With how easy they are to use, how comfortable they are, and how much money they can save in the long run, a bidet is the perfect option for those that are pregnant, disabled, or otherwise have limited mobility. They are also easy to set up, so a friend, family member, neighbor, or handyman can easily install your bidet for you.

For a superior clean that will end up saving you a ton of money while also helping the environment, you’ll want to consider purchasing a bidet. You’ll improve the wellbeing of your lower region, get a better clean, and save a lot of money on toilet paper.

If you would like more information about bidets like their costs and benefits, reach out to BidetsPLUS today. We’d be happy to discuss the different bidet options that are available, setup, costs, and more.

Get the best clean possible with your brand new, accessible bidet.

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