5 Reasons to Pre-Vacation Spray Tan

5 Reasons To Vacation Spray Tan
5 Reasons To Vacation Spray Tan

As people begin taking time off to head out for vacations, many will plan on returning home with a tan. Yet there are a lot of good reasons for acquiring your tan via spray method before you ever set out on your vacation. Not only will a spray tan help save you the time invested in trying to get a tan through sun exposure, but it will also help you focus more on just enjoying the vacation and experiences, rather than on getting a darker look.

“Spray tans are the way to go with all we know about sun exposure and tanning beds,” explains Katherine Goldman, celebrity esthetician/waxologist and owner of the Stript Wax Bar. “With a spray tan, you end up with the beautiful looking skin you want, but you avoid the pitfalls and risks that come with other tanning routes. It’s the best route to take to look great for the summer.”

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Here are the top five reasons to get a spray tan before you head out for your next vacation:

  • You will arrive looking bronzed, beautiful, and feeling good from day one. This way, you go through your vacation looking the way you want to, rather than trying to save it all for when you go home. Whether meeting people, seeing old friends, or just wanting to look great in the photos you take of your vacation, the look you want will already be there.
  • You will have less of a desire to sit in the sun, because you are already tanned or you want to preserve your fair skin and natural beauty. If you will be spending time outdoors on your vacation you will be able to avoid being burned, because your skin already looks beautiful and tanned.
  • It will save you a lot of time. Rather than arrive to your vacation destination and start working on your tan, you can use that time to do something else. You will already have the work done of obtaining a tanned look. This is the best way to make the most of the time you have on vacation. Use that extra time to go exploring or kayaking.
  • You will feel the healthy glow while on your vacation. When we look good, we tend to feel good as well. Everyone should go on their vacation feeling good. This helps you enjoy it more and get the most out of your time spent at your destination.
  • It will help you out if you don’t always make it to the gym. There’s a saying in the tanning world that if you can’t tone it, then tan it. Tanning your body makes it a lot easier to skip the gym and still look amazing.

“We routinely help people go on vacation with an awesome looking tan,” added Goldman. “When you spray tan ahead of time, you get to save time, and look great from the start and in your vacation photos. Nobody ever regrets going on vacation with a tan, but many come back wishing they had spray tanned before they left.”

Spray tans are a healthier way to have a tan, because they allow people to avoid tanning by being in the sunlight or using tanning beds. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, 40 to 50 percent of all adults who reach the age of 65 will have had some type of skin cancer in their life. Spray tans offer a quick, convenient, and affordable way to tan that is also safe and effective.

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