5 Reasons To Choose A 5 Carat Diamond For Your Engagement Ring

Beverly Hills Magazine 5 Reasons to Choose a 5 Carat Diamond for Your Engagement Ring
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A five-carat diamond is a very large stone indeed. A round brilliant cut five-carat diamond will cover almost the entire width of even a fairly wide finger, and could dominate a more slender hand. But this is no reason to opt for a smaller stone, not when there are so many advantages to buying a five-carat stone! Let us take a look at some of these.

Excellent Investment

Diamonds are always an excellent investment, and if you can get a very large, high-quality natural diamond, then you will have a good investment in your hands, one that will protect its own value and gain slowly but steadily over the years to keep in line with inflation and the economy’s vagaries, no matter which country you are living in.

Tangible Token

A five-carat diamond is a sign of success. Being able to afford a good quality five-carat diamond means that you have anywhere from $50,000 to $500,000 available to spend on a token – a beautiful token, to be sure, but a token, nonetheless. After all, a diamond will not cure illness, feed the hungry or achieve miracles – but they are highly desirable and widely accepted as a sign of wealth! This means that simply owning a large diamond can make you appear even more successful – so, why not do it?

Super Rare

Natural diamonds are plentiful. Commercial grade diamonds are dramatically less so, and the bigger the stones become, the rarer they are. Even three-carat natural diamonds of high quality are highly prized as valuable prizes, so a five carat diamond is something very rare and well worth owning, no matter how well off you are already. They are also a good buy for the upwardly mobile – being so rare, there is no guarantee that anyone trying to keep up with you will be able to find one when you get yours!

Portable Fortune

A certified diamond is a form of informal currency recognized the world over and maintaining a remarkably level rate of exchange, no matter what country you are in. Should you need to become financially liquid at short notice while in a foreign country, selling your five-carat diamond will give you a good return on your investment. At the very least, you will not lose on the deal. Obviously, this is hopefully an extremely unlikely outcome for anyone who invests in a five-carat diamond ring – but it is useful to know that you have a small fortune readily available in all circumstances!

Because Your Partner Deserves It!

A final reason to choose a five-carat diamond for your engagement ring is the best one: because your partner deserves it! A five-carat diamond engagement ring is an extravagant and very generous gesture and is sure to show your future spouse just how you feel about them – that they are your world, and you will do anything to prove that to them. Check out the 5 carat diamond guide here, to see which cut and shape you prefer.

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