5 Pro Tips For Choosing An Eternity Ring

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It’s next to normal for men to give diamond gifts to their better half. Whatever the occasion, jewelry effectively sends the right message, can be worn any time, and lasts a lifetime. Receiving an eternity ring from a loved one can be a memorable moment for them, and it can elicit surprise and happy emotions.

Whether you’re thinking of shopping for your dearly beloved an eternity ring for her birthday, your anniversary, on Valentine’s, or for other reasons, it’s best to know to earn some pointers on selecting the best one. There’s no doubt that diamond rings are very romantic presents to your partner. They’re luxurious and usually depict the meaning of a lifelong commitment.

Get rid of feeling overwhelmed when shopping for the best eternity ring for your partner when you apply the following pro tips:

  • Buy Only From A Reputable Diamond Supplier  

Much like buying any jewelry like an Asscher cut diamond, this tip applies to buying eternity rings. Diamonds come with hefty price tags, and it’s only understandable to purchase from a reputable jewelry vendor or supplier. After all, you want to make sure that your money is used efficiently. You want to get the best value of the eternity ring you’re purchasing.  

With so many jewelry sellers in the market today, it’s tricky to find the authentic and the knock-offs. Some sellers could easily cheat their clients regarding the authentication of the diamonds, the correct value, or the number of karats. Therefore, it’s best to stick only to the trustworthy diamond sellers who offer certifications.  

Before paying for the ring, check the shop’s reviews, background information, legalities, and other business information. Ensure that your deal is legit, and they’ll give you the product as promised. Stay away from stress, doubts, and regrets by buying only from the most reputable eternity ring sellers in the market today.

5 Pro Tips For Choosing An Eternity Ring #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #weddingring #eternityring #engagementring #diamondset #jewelryseller #diamondgift #bevhillsmag
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  • Choose The Width Of The Ring Band  

A ring’s width is the next thing to consider. Consider the preference of the wearer when buying her an eternity ring. The width should be enough to compliment her fingers. If the eternity ring will be worn on top of an engagement or wedding ring, it’s best to choose for a thinner width, as two rings could totally be thick already.  

Wedding rings might be thick enough, so ensure that the eternity ring can be paired with it without making the wearer feel uncomfortable. The most suitable width would be three millimeters. However, this will depend on your partner’s finger length. You can go for up to four millimeters if your partner’s fingers are elongated and thin.


  • Decide On Full, Half, Or ¾ Eternity Style  

The word ‘eternity’ on the eternity ring represents the meaning of continuity. Some people prefer gifting their special someone with this ring because of the meaning it symbolizes, which can be similar to their unending and eternal love and devotion. However, an eternity could come in different designs. There are half-eternity rings, full ones, or ¾ of the way around the finger. Nevertheless, these ring styles still carry the same meaning and promise.  

The half and ¾ eternity rings have enough metal on the backside of the ring, which allows the wearer to resize and configure it as they wish. Over time, the ring could grow smaller or more prominent on their finger. It will enable them to resize it when necessary. In the case of fluctuating finger size, this type of compromise is an excellent choice since eternity rings can’t be adjusted in size. If they intend to pass this ring as an heirloom, these eternity styles are also better so the new wearer can resize it according to their measurements.  

Some people also go for these partial diamond settings because of the price. Since the diamonds are only displayed half or ¾ of the way, the price is lower than the full eternity ring. On the other hand, a full eternity ring is ideal if the wearer wants to make the most of the diamond displays. No matter what side they wear the ring on, diamonds can shine through in display. They don’t have to continuously recenter the ring when the metal shows in front instead. However, full eternity rings cost a lot more than the other two styles for apparent reasons.  

5 Pro Tips For Choosing An Eternity Ring #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #weddingring #eternityring #engagementring #diamondset #jewelryseller #diamondgift #bevhillsmag
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  • Select The Metal Type  

A diamond eternity ring can be available in different metal types. Depending on your budget, preferences, and taste, you can choose between platinum, gold, white gold, or silver metals. You can also custom order rose gold if your partner prefers this metal color. 

The materials used to make eternity rings tend to be durable because they are designed for everyday wear. Yellow and white gold can be available in 14 or 18 karats, while platinum or silver can also be great options for durable wearing. 

Consider the type of metal used in an engagement ring when choosing the metal of the eternity ring. It’s best to match both together to find an outstanding balance and combination on the finger. If you want to go for unique varieties, you can mix two metals and create a beautiful two-colored eternity ring.   


  • Decide On The Diamond Size

The next thing to decide is the diamond sizes on the eternity ring. The eternity band’s diamond size will usually match what’s on your partner’s finger if they plan to stack it. You can generally decide on the diamond size when deciding on the bandwidth. Eternity rings can go as thin as 1.5 mm or as thick as four millimeters.  

When the band is thicker, the diamond set for each stone can be bigger in carats. It also means that the larger diamonds are, the more obvious they’re on your partner’s finger. A diamond typically ranges between .05 and 0.20 carats. You can decide on this or ask for recommendations from your trusted jeweler. You need fewer of them on the eternity ring when diamonds are larger to have an outstanding balance.  

5 Pro Tips For Choosing An Eternity Ring #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #weddingring #eternityring #engagementring #diamondset #jewelryseller #diamondgift #bevhillsmag
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Choosing a diamond isn’t so rough with the guide above. With these aspects in mind, you can now shop for the best eternity ring to give your lover. There are so many jewelry sellers in the market today, and the key is to ensure that you’re buying from a legit, reputable, and trustworthy jewelry seller. Apply all the tips from above, and your loved one will definitely feel ecstatic with your eternity ring gift for her.

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