5 Nail Art Design Ideas for Unique Fashion Statement

5 Nail Art Design Ideas for Unique Fashion Statement #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #nailartdesigns #fashionstatement #nailpolish #nailart #nailpolishremover
Image Used With Permission By Bryony Elena on Unsplash

Creating unique nail art designs is a great way to make a fashion statement. You can create geometric shapes easily, even without any experience in nail art. Plus, you can use many different designs and colors to make something truly unique. 

We put together this guide to help you discover your next nail art design. Keep reading to learn more!

1. Geometric Shapes

5 Nail Art Design Ideas for Unique Fashion Statement #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #nailartdesigns #fashionstatement #nailpolish #nailart #nailpolishremover
Image Used With Permission By Budka Damdinsuren on Unsplash

Abstract geometric shapes are some of the most straightforward designs for beginners to make with nail polish. You only need to use stencils, which can be DIYed from tape, to achieve clean, sharp lines.

Simply cut off a small strip of tape and place it over a nail you painted a solid color. Paint over your nail again, let it dry, then remove the tape to reveal the original nail color. You end up with two different colors on your nails.

You can repeat those steps to add more colors to the design. 

If you want to make artsy nails, look for inspiration from some famous abstract artists. Piet Mondrian’s work is an excellent option for nail art since he used a lot of geometric shapes and solid colors.

Overall, this type of nail art can look great. You’ll want to make sure you choose colors that look good together. Then, the design can be as complex or as simple as you want. For easy nail application, you can try nail wraps from Polish Pops.

2. Use Negative Space

Next, you can also try out nail art designs that use a lot of negative space. The goal is to leave some of your nails bare and paint over the rest. You can seal the whole look with a clear polish to add some shine to the empty areas.

You can add fun colors to the tips of your nails only for a unique statement look. Or, you could only fill in half of your nails with polish.

Using negative space wisely can make your nails really stand out. You’ll want to use bright colors that contrast highly with your skin tone so they’re easy to see. 

If you get nail polish on the parts you want to leave bare, you can always use nail polish remover and a Q-tip to clean up your work.

3. Include Texture

5 Nail Art Design Ideas for Unique Fashion Statement #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #nailartdesigns #fashionstatement #nailpolish #nailart #nailpolishremover
Image Used With Permission By Allison Christine on Unsplash

Try playing with texture in your nail art. To your nails, you can add 3D elements, like dried flowers, rhinestones, and beads. Add the decorations while your base coat is drying, then seal them in place with a clear coat. 

The texture on your nails can be an excellent statement piece since we usually only see smooth, glossy nails. 

You can also try using other types of finishes for the nail polish. For example, matte nail polish will have a very different texture and effect when compared to glossy polish in the same shade.

Creating a raised surface on your nails is another way to add texture. Plus, you can make any design that you want using this method. All you need to do is apply another color of your choice using a toothpick.

So, if you usually don’t experiment with your texture when designing your nails, why not give it a try?

4. Holographic Nail Polish

Next, you’ll want to try using holographic nail polish. This new trend can be incorporated into your designs in various ways. The polish is very shiny and contains several different colors, making it interesting to look at.

You can even find holographic polish in many different shades. You could use a dark purple for a galaxy effect. Or, you could use an iridescent pink or green for a fun, modern look. There are so many different options to consider.

Most holographic nail polish contains specific minerals that give it a light-refracting property, usually magnesium fluoride and aluminum. You’ll want to check the ingredients on the nail polish before you buy it to ensure that it doesn’t contain anything you’ll have an allergic reaction to.

There are even different types of holographic nail polish that you can find. For instance, chrome nail polish. Chrome polishes are monochromatic, so they’re extremely shiny but don’t have the rainbow effect that other holographic polishes come with.

Holographic polishes make an excellent base for the rest of your nail art. You can add more texture and other designs on top of it for a unique fashion statement.

5. Animal Prints

Incorporating animal prints into your nails can be a ton of fun. Leopard spots, zebra stripes, and cheetah prints are some of the most popular options. You can also add prints in various colors; they don’t need to look realistic to be stylish.

Giraffe spots and snakeskin are a few less common animal prints you can use in your nails. Cow print is also fantastic and easy to make on your own.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how you can make animal print designs on your nails. You will need to gather the following:

  • A nail polish for the base coat. (Or you can leave it open with negative space.)
  • Nail polish colors for the animal print.
  • A thin nail art brush or dot tool.
  • A clear polish for the top coat.

Once you have everything, here’s what you should do:

  1. Clean and prep your nails so you have a blank slate to paint on.
  2. Apply the base polish and let it dry. White, black, and other neutral shades make the print stand out more.
  3. Decide what print you want to use.
  4. Dip the nail art brush or dot tool in the paint and carefully apply it to your nail in irregularly shaped spots or lines. We recommend checking out a sample online and mimicking it until you’re more familiar with the design.
  5. Allow the nail art to dry, then seal it in place.
  6. Clean up the edges with a nail polish remover.

Choosing Your Nail Art Fashion Statement

In short, there’s a lot that you can do with your nails to make a fashion statement! You’ll want to experiment with different options and see what you like the best. It can take some practice, but you’ll surely enjoy creating unique nail designs.

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