5 Men’s Fashion Styles to Love

5 Men's Fashion Styles to Love: #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #men'sfashion #fashion #mensoutfit #modernfashion #footwear #classicstyle #fashiontrends
5 Men's Fashion Styles to Love: #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #men'sfashion #fashion #mensoutfit #modernfashion #footwear #classicstyle #fashiontrends

Appearance has always been essential in how we perceive each other. Needless to say, a fashionable and, most importantly, appropriate outfit will help you earn trust in a job interview, find a bride, meet like-minded people, etc. Also, men’s fashion and style will help you feel confident and raise your self-esteem. (Image Credits: David Lezcano/Unsplash)

However, you may say, ”Why do I need to follow the trends if they replace each other every year?” In fact, you don’t need to follow controversial fashion trends and copy guys at fashion shows. Today, we will talk about men’s fashion aspects that never go out of style. Read further if you want to look respectable, manly, and irresistible in women’s eyes.

1. Negative Pant Break

You have certainly seen men in trousers almost touching the ground, with ugly fabric folds on their shoes. Many men’s stylists say that full break is a classic fit that suits true gentlemen. However, it is better to leave such trousers in the past and move forward.

If you want to look modern yet classic, you should stick to pants with a negative break. With this fit, your trousers reveal your ankles and don’t touch your shoes.

This length is a much better option because it will straighten any folds and make the whole look tidier. Besides, trousers with a negative break make your legs visually straight, adding respectability to your outfit. What is more, they emphasize the luxury of your shoes. As for trousers’ fits, this length suits relaxed, original, and slim ones. You should also apply this rule to jeans and chinos.

Okay, what about pants’ length with boots? Make sure your trousers/jeans/chinos reveal your ankle with boots as well.

2. High Waist

If you try the high-waist pants, you will never want to switch to a low rise ever again. First, it is much more comfortable and allows you to hide any extra weight in your midsection. Besides, high-waist trousers make your legs visually longer, helping you achieve better proportions.

Why are low-rise trousers a bad option? There are several reasons for that:

  • The low waist makes your torso visually longer and legs shorter, ruining your image and making you look silly.
  • Your tucked-in shirt will come out every time you bend, lean, sit, or move around.
  • Unless you have a ripped six-pack, your belt will squeeze your abdomen, which looks very unpleasant.
  • If you have extra weight, the low waist will emphasize your body size.

Therefore, it is always better to choose high-rise pants. Once you opt for them, you will instantly become much more pulled together.

3. Aesthetic Footwear

Consider a pair of shoes an investment in your style, charm, and respectability. Indeed, women pay lots of attention to men’s footwear. Thus, it is an indicator of your style and status. So never show up in sandals, flip-flops, or square-toed shoes. How to choose fashionable footwear then? For this, opt for classic shoes and boots. Abandon any idea of buying a mixture of shoes, boots, or trainers. Choose classic models for everyday use and leave hiking boots for camping. Visit Stride Wise and choose the best pair of boots that suits your style.

If you want to achieve an impressive, respectable appearance, you should aim at these shoe types:

  • Oxford
  • Derby
  • Loafer
  • Chelsea
  • Brogue

Why are there no suede chukka shoes on the list? It is because they often look already worn for decades upon the purchase. Besides, suede shoes become dirty very quickly.

As for boots, a good rule of thumb is to stick to classic variations, such as brogues, Chelsea boots, Dr. Martens. In today’s world of questionable trends, classic footwear is exceptionally appreciated and will always remain an attribute of true manliness.

4. Summer Footwear

What should you wear in summer? What about traveling to warm Asian countries? Whether you arrive there for business purposes or want to pick up an Asian bride, boat shoes can become a stylish replacement for sandals. However, it is always better to stick to classic variants since boat shoes can often look childish. By the way, Asian wives appreciate masculine men, and infantile looks only turn traditional women off (except for Koreans, perhaps).  So, if you are over 30, you won’t want to wear glaring boat shoes.

5. Modern Fit Jackets, Shirts, and Coats

A jacket is a must in your wardrobe. However, it will ruin the whole impression if it poorly fits your figure. Today’s slim-fit suit jackets and blazers are trendy, and many men’s fashion style websites suggest guys choose them. However, they may not fit everyone, and here is why:

  • Due to a tapered waist, such jackets make your hips look broader.
  • They make your shoulders look narrower.
  • They restrict your movements.
  • They emphasize your butt to the point that it dwarfs Kim Kardashian’s.

All in all, they make your figure more feminine, and you don’t want it, especially if you aim at meeting a partner or buying wife online. Therefore, men with highly developed or genetically prominent glutes should avoid slim-fit jackets at all costs.

Thus, opt for modern-fit variations instead. These models have a straight waist, which helps you do some useful tricks: achieve a V-shape figure, hide your butt, and extra weight in your abdomen area. The same rule applies to coats and shirts. Thus, prioritize straight-waist jackets, coats, and shirts.

The Bottom Line

While trends change, classic style never gets old. With some modern vibes, classic men’s fashion has become a powerful tool to achieve success in every aspect of your life (and it is not a hyperbole). Indeed, a manly outfit will emphasize your best features and make you hot stuff in women’s minds. Thus, once you apply the suggestions above, you will instantly improve your look and become more confident.

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