5 Hot Business Ideas You Should Try in 2019

5 Hot Business Ideas You Should Try in 2019 #business #success #money #motivation #entreprenuer #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine
5 Hot Business Ideas You Should Try in 2019 #business #success #money #motivation #entreprenuer #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine

If you’re searching for online business ideas to try in 2019, you’re at the right place. Even 9-5ers can find a profitable business idea for 2019 and eventually start a side gig or full-fledged business. Not a bad idea right? For many, the first challenge they face trying to start a business is finding the right business ideas to start with. Been there, done that.

The screenshot below shows number of new businesses registered in select countries between 1996 and 2016 as reported by the World Bank.

Some of the countries cited above have witnessed up to 100% increase in new businesses within the period under review. Each such new business has as its driving force perhaps, a new or refined business idea. Have you got any?

Business Trends Graph #business #success #money #motivation #entreprenuer #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine
Source: World Bank

How would you like the idea of working on your own business ideas at your own pace and place, not working 9-5 on another person’s business idea. In this post we’ll be showing a list of good business ideas to try in 2019.

Following are:

3 Key Things to Consider When Brainstorming Business Ideas

When brainstorming business ideas keep these in mind:

  1. It should be something you mostly enjoy doing,
  2. It should be something you’re good at or know a fair-good deal about,
  3. It should be in demand, whether product, service or both.

And now on to the business ideas proper:

5 Hot Business Ideas You Should Try in 2019

  1. SEO Consultancy

Content, relevant, well-crafted SEO content can help businesses build links, increase engagement, dwell time and reduce bounce rates among others. As an SEO Expert you can help create, curate and manage content for your clients who would be willing to pay top dollar to sit atop Google search results page.

Google page ranking depends on a number of factors some of which change from time to time. A good SEO Expert helps businesses keep abreast of all the many industry changes that might affect their ranking by creating, updating or managing existing content. This a time tested business idea, and best of all you can work from home.

  1. Business Brokerage

A business broker is an agent who assists buyers and sellers of privately owned businesses in the buying and selling of their business. As such, that individual must have a very good knowledge of business law, trends and common practices in the industry. Business brokers earn commissions for the sales they make during this process. They’re also known as intermediaries or business transfer agents.

This business idea is similar to Shopify’s Exchange Marketplace where merchants can buy and sell Shopify stores.

  1. Virtual Call Centre Operator

For decades many offshore companies have outsourced their call center operations to BPO companies in India and elsewhere. These days, with increased internet access individuals can now undertake virtual assistant roles including virtual call center operations.

Most mid-sized and small businesses now prefer freelance virtual call assistants or operators as they are cheaper to contract and can work from anywhere in the world. As a call operator you make and take calls on behalf of clients considering differences in timelines for calls to other climes.

  1. Language Translation

Despite the remarkable improvements of machine translation, the demand for skilled translators is still very high and will probably remain so for quite some time due to the hidden intricacies embedded in languages.

You can start looking for work on platforms such as Fiverr or Upwork and gradually build your clientele base. It’s also a brilliant idea to directly contact popular bloggers and ask them if they would consider having their blog translated into another language.

This is an interesting business idea which can see you translating entire web pages.

  1. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is an ecommerce business idea that allows you advertise and sell other people’s products without needing to invest a dime buying stock or keeping inventory. It has very low entry barrier requiring little to nothing to start except a PC and internet access.

There are millions of products several dropshipping business ideas that can be sourced for free from suppliers on platforms like AliExpress, and you can sell cross-border to customers anywhere in the world.

With Shopify you can create a stunning ecommerce store for free during your 14 days free trial and around $29/mo subsequently. Dropshipping automation apps like Oberlo further help you automate your entire dropshipping business for best results.

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