5 Best Tips To Help You Organize A Rental Campervan

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Are your suitcases packed for the holidays? Are you planning for a longer holiday? What can be better than moving into a rental campervan! People can take everything with them since the campervans are moving homes. But with simple organization skills, you can fit more items. It all depends on how you are using the campervan space. 

Cheap Campervan rental is available for adventurous people who love taking short trips. While renting, choose the campervan carefully. It will depend on how many items you will take with you. 

Tips for Organizing Yourself while moving in campervans

  • Carry fewer items with you in a motorhome

When traveling in a campervan, take only the needful things without indulging in much. Pack warm blankets for the nights. Gaze out to the starry nights while being cozy under a blanket. If you plan on spending the night outside, carry a hammock too. Many people stop the campervans to cook and enjoy the surreal nature. 

Lights, kitchen supplies, bedroom utilities are before being carried. Bring small plants with you inside the campervan. The fairy lights and these plants will instantly make you feel at home. 

  • Using all the unused places for storage

The campervans will have lots of storage areas hidden. Search for the best storage places. Further, you can keep boxes inside the driver’s seat. Use up all the space so that things don’t look cluttered. Put hanging organizers at places in the campervans. 

These hangers come with small pockets to store all the smaller things. If there is no space left, hang jute bags. These bags come in handy to store anything essential. 

  • Organize the kitchen

Plan your meals while stocking on all the necessities. Measure everything and then carry on board. Fill in all the requirements in smaller quantities. If you need more, you can buy it from the grocery store. It’s best to use sustainable water bottles on the go. You can throw them and carry fresh drinking water. 

Don’t bring all the food with you. Carry bare minimum since you will be eating out as well. Explore cafés and supermarkets of the places you will be traveling to. 

  • Trying out the rooftop storage ideas

The roof is one place where you can keep so many things. The storage in the roof goes mostly unused. If you have free headroom, it will come in handy. Add the surfboards if you are going to a beach. Climbing equipment is one thing you can carry on the roof. 

  • Motorhomes come with drawers and organizers

Add in spacer rods in the cabinets and wooden panels. The plate holders will keep the kitchen clean without anything breaking. You can recreate the campervan with box dividers to store more items. 

Stretchable nets help to hold mobile phones, toys, tools, etc. Keep everything secured so it doesn’t come off while driving. 


Change the motorhome rental any way you like for the vacation. Use the storage to the ultimate to keep all things in their place. 

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