5 Best Earring Styles To Wear

Get your ears on fleek in 2020. You need to know the 5 best earring styles to wear this season to be on point from head-to-toe.

Did you know that in ancient times, earrings were worn primarily by men? Or that doctors believed they cured headaches and improved eyesight? Earrings have been worn by humans for thousands of years, and they continue to be popular today. They’re still a superb fashion accessory. That said, styles are rapidly changing, so we’re going to show you what we think are the best earring styles of 2020. (Image Credit: Irina Gromovataya/Pixabay)

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1. Silver Studs

A very simple style but one that adds sophistication and elegance.

Silver studs are great in the fact they are so versatile and can complement a range of looks. They’re great to wear as everyday earrings or to dress up your best going out outfit.

Whether you’re wearing squares, rectangles, or circles, this style of earrings is sure to get you compliments where ever you are.

2. Single Earring

This may be something you have never considered but it’s definitely worth trying.

The single earring has started to become more and more popular and has featured a lot on recent runways. In fact, there’s no doubt that if the single earring was waiting for it’s season to arrive, then it has done.

To pull off this awesome look, go with a single earring that makes a statement and draws attention from admirers. Try to avoid anything too small, as you may not make the statement you want to.

Pearl Earrings

Over the past few years, the famous pearl earrings have made a huge comeback and are definitely in style.

Pearl earrings have historically been seen as the most elegant style of earrings, and ultimately reserved for fancy balls and galas. However many women around the world have rediscovered the famous pearl and are starting to take it to new heights.

They are now being worn as everyday earrings, to bring that old-style glamour into the 21st century. Start wearing the traditional studs, or even mix it up with accentuated hoops or drop style earrings.

There no question that you’ll start feeling the glamour and it will certainly get you noticed.

4. Big Hoops

Big hoops are earrings that have been around for years, but they manage to keep in style.

Once again, they have started to appear down several runways, indicating that they will come back with a bang next season. If you’re going to go with big hoops, then the bigger the better and don’t be afraid to double up.

5. Coin Earrings

Whether you wear gold, silver, or bronze, coin earrings are great as a casual go-to earring, or, to go with something different in the office.

It’s indicated that they’ll be popular in 2020 so make sure you’re ready for when the season arrives. Finally, check out this awesome guide on earrings which are best for sensitive ears. It’ll make sure you don’t miss out on what’s hot this season.

Five of the Hottest Earring Styles This Season

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